Youngest filmmaker of India – The story of 18 years Kushal Dasgupta

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Kushal Dasgupta from Andhra Pradesh becomes the Youngest Filmmaker and enters into new National and International Records by making a short feature film named “A Five Rupees Smile”. This film is about spreading social awareness and the poor children who beg in the streets helplessly. Kushal started shooting the film on 14th January 2019 and finished the entire film on 24th January 2019 (only in 11 days). He becomes the Fastest and Innovative Filmmaker of India. He has made the film for Casttree Short Film Festival 2019 which is associated with Department of Visual Communication, SRM University, Chennai. Kalams Book of Record from Chennai has conferred him the new World Record.

Multifaceted Talented Personality

For the first time, someone alone handled all the different tasks of the film. Kushal did the Direction, Story Boarding, Screenplay, Visual Mixing, Dubbing, Special Effects, Script Writing, Script Supervising, Acting, Post Production, Production Work, Project Coordinating, Director of Photography and Cinematography of the film. He has been making short films for almost 2 years and already has made his own brand named “Kreative Kushal”. Apart from this, he is also a Freelancer Photographer, Videographer, Music Arranger & Composer and Multimedia Expert.

It is rare to find both technical knowledge as well as creativity within one person. But Kushal Dasgupta is one among those few people who have the skills in both the fields. Everyone is good in some field, but perhaps nothing is impossible for Kushal. He is good in many different fields. He can handle ten different gadgets together along with playing the role of a scriptwriter, director, photographer, videographer etc.

Creativity and technology Flowing Together

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Kushal believes that “Creativity is in my blood and the technical skills are in my brain, which makes me think creative all the time. I love working in both the fields because these are the part of my life and they are my passion too. I do not feel any pressure or stress doing all works because I do everything from my heart. Nowadays, it is important to do multitasking, because we have less time and more work”.

Expert in Running Ten Gadgets Simultaneously

Kushal says, “I always had a passion to deal with gadgets since my childhood. During my hostel days, when there used to be parents meet, I used to handle three to four gadgets at a time. When my parents saw this, they encouraged me to do something with the gadgets. So when I returned back home during the school holidays, I decided to work on ten gadgets simultaneously and successfully made 7 records within a month on handling ten devices and performing different tasks in just 3 minutes and 29 seconds only. I have also got many awards and medals in Photography, Olympiads, Arts etc.”

The Voice of the Heart

I am very inspired by my elder brother’s journey. He always guides me to listen to my heart and do such a work which is unique, which no one has ever done before. That’s why perhaps in this crucial age while the rest of the young generation usually thinks about their career and college, I listened to my heart and did all that I love to do. This gives me immense happiness and would like to share it with others too. I never thought that I would become the youngest filmmaker of India. It is my passion and love for my work that brought me to this position today. My parent’s blessings are my strength. My dream is to become a Media Entrepreneur so that I would identify the inner story of all general people, frame them and present to our society in a creative way.

Message for Today’s Youths

“We all are the future of India and if we keep moving with all the courage and faith, then even time will support us. The youth will be empowered and India will become a powerful nation. We should always be aware that, we have only one lifetime with us and in that one life, we must do whatever we love to do and the things that make us happy and satisfied. Everyone has different ways to fulfill their dreams and this is my way of reaching my dream by handling all kinds of works together efficiently. You can adopt any method in fulfilling your dreams but remember that you must do something unique and special in life. Making a special place in everyone’s heart is a common goal for all of us. I am also trying to achieve that goal and I believe, doing the right things in right time is my mantra of getting success.” conveys the youngest filmmaker of India, Kushal.

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