The brains behind Wittyfeed.

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In today’s article, let’s talk about a man who turned the idea of  a content churner’ platform into reality. A man who introduced apristine media which publish content on categories such as sports, news, fashion, lifestyle, travel, inspiration, relationships, health, fitness, and posts ads related to the content published.

Co-founder and CEO of India’s largest viral content company WittyFeed, Shashank Vaishnav. An entrepreneur, motivational speaker and a visionary.

Shashank’s father Mangaldas Vaishnav is a Doctor, and his mother Jyotibala Vaishnav is a housemaker. Born in Badnagar city of Madhya Pradesh, Shashank did his schooling from the hometown itself and then moved to Chennai for his graduation. He is a graduate of SRM University in Computer Science.

Shashank, with his two companions Vinay Singhal (Founder, WittyFeed) and Parveen Singhal (Co-founder and COO, WittyFeed), created a modern-day blogging platform i.e.,WittyFeed in 2010. Although, WittyFeed got its actual theme inOctober 2014. Vinay and Shashank were classmates back in college andParveen were junior to them. And this trio also happens to becousins in relation.

WittyFeed is an Internet media and viral content company based in Indore, India. It is the world’s second-largest company in terms of traffic numbers after BuzzFeed. It is among the top 200 websites in the world with 120 million unique visitors every month and more than 420 million monthly page views. It is the first company from India to be among the top 75 and top 25 most-read websites in the US and the UK.

In response to the question “How did you do it?”, Shashank says “Consistency and NEVER GIVE UP attitude is one of the reasons. A great team, with a fire within, is the another. We always tried to spread and ignite the determination and devotion we had in us, in the team. Because the self-driven motivation carries out the best from a person and enables one to leave an astonishing effect of perfection in their work.”

About the work culture in WittyFeed’s office, Shashank says “there is no boss-employee relation here. We are one, and we work as one. Noone is pressurized or intimidated to do something. Everyone is passionate about their work, and they carry out their tasks wholeheartedly.”

The Universe is a big Genie it always says “Your Wish is My Command.”

This is the quote which inspires Shashank immensely. “Jo aapko chahiye wo aapko milega!” (you can get whatever you want), is how he explains the quote. When asked about his mentor, Shashank said: “my brother Vinay and my father are my mentors. I don’t have many friends and Vinay being a companion, and friend of mine always guides me through situations. Having them by my side, I believe I will overcome anything, and everything life has to offer.”

Creating a company from scratch and then taking it to the heights no one would have imagined makes Shashank an achiever. Our Indian Achiever.

Tanishka Patidar
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