You are never too old to dream

inspiring story

Amit Bhatt, a 37 year old #DastaanArtist from Indore who found his passion for writing and performing his poetries and stories through the recently prevailing “open-mic culture” shared his story of re-discovering his passion towards his art through Dastaan, a talent showcasing platform, originally from Indore.

He first started writing poems and articles for newspapers at the tender age of 15, and then pursued engineering during his college years.

At that time, he became part of a private radio station as campus spice, but then left writing for a few years.

‘I love presenting my views in front of a large audience. I used to give technical training to corporates and engineering students’, said Amit when asked about how he feels about his passion.

He began writing one liners, poetries and stories on an social media platform, and one day he discovered an open mic platform, and as obvious as it could be, his inner artist was keen to perform at such a platform.

Amit says, ‘One day I came to know about open mic platforms, and my first open mic performance was the worst one, but I didn’t lose my confidence.

And one day I discovered a platform of its own kind – “Dastaan”. I started performing there regularly, and it has changed my personality dramatically.’

Today, he woos people with his confident personality and swiftly magical words.

His dream today is to be a speaker in Tedx, and his story shows how we are never too old to dream a new dream.

You can become a part of Dastaan, the team which provided this artist with the adequate platform by following their Instagram page and following them on YouTube.

Nikhil Patidar
A budding writer and a mass media and communication student from Indore who writes articles, poetries and short stories portraying topics varying from social issues to untold love and strongly believes in the power of dreams