Almitra Tattva;What a mother did with her creative wit

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A job of Recruitment Head with a hefty pay, married to the soulmate, the passionate work life in a reputed firm – she had it all. To top it all, Anamika Sengupta was all set to add a very bright colour to her canvas; her child. Unfortunately, she was asked to leave when she rejoined after her maternity leave. Read the backstory of Almitra Tattva.

The turning point

Anamika has been working in this company for 8 and a half years and was on one of the senior most desks, but her ‘priorities‘ and ‘concentration‘ were preassumed, and she had to discontinue her job.

“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.” –Chinese Proverb


I wouldn’t say it happened for good, but it turned out to be good for me,” says Anamika. “I was high on my creative enzymes, maybe because I was creating a new life. When I wished to buy a baby wrap, a kind of sheet of cloth for my son we had to import it from the US.

Anamika elaborates on how her entrepreneurial, or as she says – “mom-trepreneurial” journey begun. “It’s Indian culture to hold our baby in a cloth wrap to work and take care of the baby simultaneously. But I was shocked that not a single Indian manufacturer or seller was into it.” It was then she thought of starting her own company which would manufacture these baby wraps.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” –Maya Angelou

Almitra Tattva is what she named it. The baby wraps are a product of Almitra Tattva Baby wearing Art Studio. “It was like having two children at once, one – my son and other this venture.” Later in the year, Almitra Sustainables was founded by she and her husband Biplab Dutta. It is a brand that manufactures sustainable products. Biplab is also the first certified male educator of how to use these baby wraps as there are some international norms for it.

almitra tattva logo

At first, she made a facebook page and showcased the wraps there, after a month she got a shipment order from Europe. Almitra Tattva caught up and ever since is doing great.

The Business

This name is inspired by Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet (Almitra) and the Hindi word for Element (tattva). “The meaning stretches to Natural Elements. Four years and I haven’t looked back.” But this doesn’t mean she works non-stop. “I think it’s important not to rush always and slow down sometimes. Taking care of self should be our supreme focus. ‘Me time’ is important once in a while.

From baby wraps to bamboo toothbrushes, and steel straws, Almitra Tattva manufactures products with a futuristic and environment-friendly approach. Interacting with people who walk out of the herd motivates her. “Humanity inspires and motivates me to the soul and bone,” she adds. Also, the fact that her company receives orders from countries she hasn’t heard of before make her work more passionately and innovatively. Introspective and intrigue is how she looks at herself.

anamika sengupta; almitra tattva

I was a curious child, maybe its visible in a kid when there is an entrepreneurial touch in him/her. But entrepreneurship is a state of mind, not a career. My family was a bit skeptical about it at first because I am the first entrepreneur of the family, but they came around soon.

When colours spill over a canvas unintentionally, some people change the canvas, but some make a beautiful painting out of it. Anamika is one such person. Innovative and active till and above the level of appreciation and perfection, she made a company out of an unexpected turn of event. This makes her our achiever, our Indian Achiever. Hats off to the woman! Oo Womaniyaah.

Tanishka Patidar
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