20 years old started a company and is ruling the market now

Founder and CEO of an emerging Software Developing company – Geekstack, Vinith Babu is a 22-year-old tech enthusiast.

Geekstack furnishes services of web and mobile application development, software development, digital marketing, market analysis and polishing business strategy. This young man from Chennai shared his story of enhancement from a novice to an expert in the field.

In conversation with Indian Achievers Story

Outlining himself, he said “I’m a bonhomie, jubilant and sportive guy. I have an endless urge to learn. As a curious person, I will never stop learning something new and different until the world stops my teaching.” Vinith strongly believes that the world teaches us continuously, it’s us who stop learning.

Adding furthermore, he said “Alacritous, diligent and industrious – this adjectival description would define my professional persona in short. I always have that quick and enthusiastic readiness in trying new ideas and executing them meticulously. I would work hard not until I arrive at the expected result but until I exceed the expected markings. This unwavering and strenuous attitude towards the targeted aim drives me to do exclamatory endeavours.”

The Rough Road

Vinith launched Geekstack in 2016 when he was still in the second year of his college. He had a low configuration laptop but high spirits.

At first, his college friends accompanied him and they worked as a pack. But when it came to the fourth year of the college, all of them chose campus placements and left Geekstack. Vinith was also selected in a few companies through off campus drives and was approached to be the CTO of some start-ups. But his eyes had only one vision, Geekstack!

Don’t be afraid to start something. It’s good to fail and learn from your mistakes – Vinith Babu

It was a one-person company for a few days and his pockets were empty. He again took some projects, earned from them, and hired new people. He then spotted a place in Coimbatore for office. The new team, Mr Senthil Kumar handled the technical activities and Mr Darshan Kumar saw Sales and Business development. Vinith believe these two are the backbone of Geekstack.

The core team

Geekstack, The company


About his initial working methods, he said “We did freelancing projects initially and completed them with supreme efforts and innovativeness. To befit in the fiercely competitive environment, we went beyond limits in fulfilling the client’s needs and gave some of the best products ever. We don’t undertake quotidian techniques but exemplary strategies which would be thought especially for client brands.”

If you are into business, your first investment should be yourself. – Vinith Babu

The team’s working ethics and planning earned them a good name soon. “We progressed rapidly from a simple beginning to India’s leading and innovation infused Branding Solution company.” Geekstack stretches its services to web and mobile app development, complete Branding Solutions, Data Analytics, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. We are spearheading this niche and are proud of our performance. By 2019, they will launch a great product.

From Vision to Reality

Vinith always wanted to work in the manner where he would create a brand value for the product he would make. His yearning to create and call something as his own made him set his desk for a start-up. “Geekstack stemmed from a burning desire. The desire to know how websites work and to make one. Moreover, I was fascinated by virtual and augmented reality.”

Giving these cravings a shape, he started his own venture which would use technology to improve client’s business and branding image.
“The web is an ever. So, the need for a good online presence to e-popularize the brands is inevitable. We thought we could suffice this need and deliver good branding through our new techniques.”

Always be ready for failure at initial stage because that is actual learning – Vinith Babu

“Being a novice, I struggled in managing the company. We got only freelancing projects, not permanent clients. Business at this startup stage is risky, and many entrepreneurs give up. I did experiments and learned a lot. I made myself meet the standard of perfection to shine in the field.”
Sharing how he and Geekstack made it, he said “It’s obvious to experience the inglorious chain of events. Things get complicated many times in a startup. The reckoning phase will make or mar the company. Amidst all this, one should never ever give up. There’s always a way to clear things up. That’s what I always believe in.”

You get what you deserve. You chase what you desire. – Tanishka Patidar

A sheer example of patience, determination and self-belief, Vinith and Geekstack team is our achiever. Our Indian Achiever.

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