This Incredibly Brave Police Dog Got a Full Guard of Honour at His Funeral

This police dog has more than 150 solved cases to his credit.

Dashing to a crime spot, locating, and digging out evidence in jungles, open fields, and water bodies was all in a day’s work for Tiger, the best police dog the Uttar Pradesh police force ever had.

There was nothing this canine wasn’t capable of and didn’t do, and that is why, when he passed away, he was given a hero’s funeral.

Police dogs are used extensively for solving criminal cases, worldwide.Representative image only. Image Courtesy:Pixabay.
Police dogs are used extensively for solving criminal cases, worldwide.Representative image only. Image Courtesy:Pixabay.

Wrapped in the national flag, Tiger was given the traditional guard of honour, as colleagues and admirers paid their final tributes to the brave police dog.

According to Rahul Srivastava, the UP DGP’s PR officer in the Times of India, the guard of honour at the canine’s funeral was the police force’s way of showing appreciation and recognising the police dog’s selfless service.

The Canine Club of India, a government agency, which supplies pups to state police as well as paramilitary forces across the country, gave Tiger the police dog, to the UP police in 2003, when he was 11 months old.

After 36-week training module that included tracking, explosive detection, narcotics detection, search and rescue and guard training, at the Border Security Force’s prestigious National Training Centre for Dogs in Tekanpur, a town in Madhya Pradesh, Tiger began an illustrious career with the police force.

The highlights of his career include finding the body of a child in the depths of a mini-canal, tracking criminals deep in the jungle, and rising to the rank of deputy superintendent of police—the highest rank a police dog could have.

For two decades, police forces of 2 crime-prone districts commissioned Tiger’s services. The canine was often sent on missions with other forces in other districts, due to his prowess.

Tiger is another name in the long list of canines who have served in the police and armed forces. Risking their lives, these police dogs go where no person has gone before.

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Worldwide, dogs are famous for assisting people in the critical missions—the most famous instance being the killing of Osama Bin Laden, where along with a contingent of marines, a dog named Cairo, parachuted and landed in the compound to kill the feared terrorist.

Lauded for their fearlessness, and high intelligence, these canines only deserve the best for their selfless service.

Inset image credits:- Times of India.

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