This Delhi Cop Returned a Businessman’s Wallet with Rs 50,000

Amidst daily accounts of rampant corruption in the country, there are a few incidents that help restore one’s faith in the honesty of human beings.

Amidst daily accounts of rampant corruption in the country, there are a few incidents that help restore one’s faith in the honesty of human beings. A Delhi cop has set an example for many by returning a wallet to its owner.

Jagpreet Singh, an east Delhi-based businessman took to Facebook to express gratitude towards police sub-inspector Madan Singh, who returned his missing wallet that had Rs. 50,000 cash in it.

I would like to share honesty of Sub Inspector Madan Singh with His id no.6149 ,I dropped my wallet with Cash worth…

Posted by Jagpreet Singh on Saturday, January 7, 2017

The 54-year-old not only returned the wallet, but he also refused to accept any sort of reward from Jagpreet. Jagpreet, who felt that it was necessary for the world to know about the existence of people like Madan, posted the story on the official Facebook page of Delhi Traffic Police, praising Singh for his act and requesting the authorities to take notice and appreciate the man’s honesty. Soon enough, his post went viral and many people lauded Singh by posting comments and sharing the post on their own walls.

As the incident goes, Jagpreet’s car broke down on the morning of January 7, near Nizamuddin Bridge in Sarai Kale Khan. In the process of checking and restarting it, his wallet slipped out of his pocket and he didn’t notice.

Madan Singh was the traffic cop on duty. He spotted a cyclist picking up a wallet from the street. Becoming suspicious, he chased down the cyclist and took the wallet from him. It had a lot of money in Indian as well as foreign currency (Rs. 35,000 and $300), ATM cards, driving licence, and visiting cards. He dialled Jagpreet’s number from his card and asked him to collect the wallet from Nizamuddin. Jagpreet had no hopes of retrieving the money, but he was surprised to find everything in the wallet as it had been. An overwhelmed Jagpreet offered Singh Rs. 5,000 for his honesty but he refused to take the money saying that he was only doing his duty.

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Read the full post here.

I would like to share honesty of Sub Inspector Madan Singh with his id no.6149, I dropped my wallet with cash worth Rs. 50000.00 near Nizammudin Khata on 7th January 2017 at around 9.30 a.m while pushing my car which was broken in middle of road. I came back home to Preet Vihar, where I figured that my wallet was missing, I tried to search on my car and other places but couldn’t find, then I got a call from Sub inspector Madan Singh who saw one cyclist picking up my wallet from Road and his sharp eyes saw him. He immediately stopped that cyclist and realised that this wallet wasn’t belonged to him, he took custody of my wallet with Cash and foreign currency worth Rs. 50000.00 along with debit and credit cards with other important IDs. He then searched my wallet and found my visiting card and called me on my cell phone and informed that he found my wallet and informed me about where he found it, and advised me to collect from him from same intersection where I dropped it, I rushed to the spot and met him, to my surprise everything in my wallet was untouched and safe even cash was untouched, I salute him for his honesty and respect this Delhi traffic police Sub inspector. I tried to reward him too but he politely refused to accept reward and identified my identity and handed over my wallet to me, Salute and Respect to this Man, I’m sharing his photo graph. Remember we’ve Good people in police and they will always help us .Please I request Delhi Police to appreciate this Man and his honesty.

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