This 9-yr antique lady began out a library in her slum to train different slum youngsters

Muskaan Ahirwar Bhopal
Image Credits: YourStory

The Story of Muskan Ahirwar who’s bringing a revolution simply with some books, a few tattered mats, a dingy house, and an unflinching preference to unfold education.

Common public notion round kids in Bhopal slum regions slums includes helpless kids surviving in egregious dwelling situations in Bhopal, are susceptible to hunger, illiteracy, and terrible bodily in addition to mental fitness situations. Although maximum of this could appear to be true, there may be one woman dwelling in a slum location in Bhopal whose paintings has the functionality to show this perception wrong. After a busy day at school, 9-yr vintage Muskan Ahiswar does now no longer receives equipped to play or to goof round. Instead, lady collects books, mats and in conjunction with her sister begins off evolved putting in place the library for all of the youngsters in her slum. Yes, this line would possibly sound absurd, however Muskan Ahiswar certainly acts as a librarian and a instructor at her library called “Bal Pustaka lay” in a slum close to Arera Hills colony , Bhopal.

The Library commenced in bhopal whilst a group from Rajya Shiksha Kendra got here to the slum at the back of their workplace to distribute goodies and books. Interactions with the kids discovered that that they’d an extreme preference to examine and learn, however the shortage of assets crumpled each certainly considered one among their desires. Amidst the ones youngsters turned into Muskan Ahirwar, a pointy lady with an inquisitive thoughts and sharp answers, who stuck their eye and that they determined to offer her a few books in her hand as a brand new studying opportunity. Hence, commenced Muskan’s Library on twenty sixth January 2016 with an insatiable zeal and some books. Every day, Muskan with the assist of her sister Neha and her pals cleans and arranges the books and opens the gates to round 25 kids in bhopal. The library of bhopal runs from 10 am to eleven am withinside the morning and five pm to six pm withinside the evening, as soon as Muskan is returned from school. The ladies hold a file of issued_books, however the date of go back is typically saved flexible. Hence they don’t have a ‘Deposit Date’.

Except the ordinary bhopal library services, we do artwork on Saturdays and play video games on Sundays and plan normal surprises for all of the kids”, says an keen Muskan who will become a instructor for the younger ones, coaching them ABCs and numbers. But on being asked, the kids unanimously voted that each the Didis are very strict. But, those harmless faces dwelling in bhopal have had their truthful proportion of issues. From loss of space, fundamental amenities, scarcity of books to three non-cooperating people withinside the slums, Muskan Ahirwar and her pals faces those troubles on a every day basis.

We desire for a room with strength and water for our library”, says Neha. But whilst you do some thing good, matters begin falling proper into place. Muskan and her buddies are blessed with extraordinarily supportive households and committed participants from Rashtriya Shiksha Kendra who go to them often and assist them type out the issues of Bal Pustakalay. Recently Muskan Ahirwarwas nominated for the NITI AAYOG award, however it’s far the grins and amazement at the faces of small kids in Bhopal that force Muskan each day.

And it’s far this wonderful pressure that Muskan Ahirwar stands for. She is a testament to the truth that after severa nations and worldwide companies are making an investment big sums of cash and manpower to unfold literacy, here’s a 9 yr old antique dwelling in bhopal who’s making her contribution with some books, a few tattered mats, a dingy house, and an unflinching preference to unfold the strength of the written word.