The karate girl

The karate girl

“True leader do not create followers they create more leaders.”

Keeping the above phrase in mind and soul, Mana Mandelkar continuously changing the scenario of her place.

Mana Mandelkar is a young brave strong girl from India. Her eyes opened with many dreams on 19th August 1994, in a small village named Alampur Dist. Harda, Madhya Pradesh. She is a blessed daughter of Mr. Narmada Prasad and Mrs. Leela. She has a joyful family with seven siblings.

As our India is developing with the thoughts of Women Empowerment and encouraging women in each field, how can we forget our old era with narrow disgusting thoughts? At that period she is the one who totally defines the word unstoppable. Now she is the “Karate Girl” of Madhya Pradesh.


From the childhood, she fought for the education against child marriage. Her struggle for the study did not stop here anyhow she completed her schooling till 8th standard from a village and then higher studies from a school which is 5 km far from the village.

After completion of schooling, her family again force her to get married soon but how can we forget she is Mana, and again she won for studies. Then she did her Graduation on Bachelors of Arts and Post Graduation on Master of Arts (Political Science) from a college which is 15km away from the village. Till now Mana is the most educated person in her village.


As her college is in Timarni City, she faced many obstacles in her way. She said:” I was fed up with the street comments through boys. I feel unsafe whenever I walk through the village.” She gets so frustrated that she decided to leave her studies and get married as per her parent’s decision.

Then she realizes she is strong enough to face all such resistance in her way. Fortunately, she found a Karate Sir in her college. Mana replaced all her negativities with the positive powers of Karate. And then she admitted that “I can do anything I can”.

Her secondary turning point came when she has been called for the event at NEW DELHI, India 12 October 2017 on the occasion of the International Day of the Girl Child hosted by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India and UNICEF. There she met Sachin Tendulkar who overwhelmed her inner strength and said the precious line to her that, “You are the role model for Indian girls”.


A pure soul who created Mana Mandelkar “The Karate girl” is her coach Mr. Ritesh Kumar. He is the one whom Mana admires. She praises him like a God in her life. Surely who will not praise such a person who actually gives the purpose of life? With her coach’s guidance, now Mana is a well known International Gold.


With all her obstacles and inner patience, she did practice and practice and more practice. And trained herself such that she played karate with boys on rings and with the God grace and her hard work she won the “first silver medal in National Karate Championship” on 28 October 2013.


Two heads are better than one, this proverb is well known to us. As such Mana did, with the help of her coach she took the initiative of getting Unicef’s membership in Madhya Pradesh with the help of ChangeLoomers that aims to strengthen the voices of young adults and builds their leadership skills. This project is well known with the name of TUF with the objective of working on women empowerment, gender equality and much more unique than just only karate.

She also runs an organization named “Tinka Samajik Sanstha” which also work for the same aim of fulfilling the needs for girls and child and making them strong enough to fight alone. She owns different centers in six villages of Madhya Pradesh where approximately 500 students come to learn Karate. The main office of these centers is in Timarni city where students came from the age of 3.


She has many opportunities to fly high, rather than that she believes to be down to earth. She said now I have opportunities but I want that each girl from her village has such opportunities in her life. She dreams about a school of karate in her place so that Harda village must be known for the maximum numbers of girls who play Karate.

Even she gets the best for her future such as she is a selected candidate in the Gandhi Fellowship, then she also gets the chance of working with Apni Pathshala from Mumbai. Not yet ended here, She is the one who also gets selected for the work for Child Bounded Labour. But Mana is a girl who wants to chase her dream and make it happen.

So she is working on establishing an organization like a school for the students who are good at sports but because of some financial or personal problems, they cannot come over it. Her dream is to make Harda village name so high that anybody can recognize it by self-defense.


First of all, she lives for Karate and teaches karate with all her heart. So apart from it she also runs a YouTube Channel for encouraging other about self-defense. The channel name is TUF. Other than this she loves to ride bikes and do stunts. She is also a motivational speaker. She has also been a motivational speaker at TedX, Hyderabad. And now she is moving on towards Bangalore for giving a motivation speech at Open House event.


Here come to the achievements :

  • 1. Black Belt Certified with one degree.
  • Won silver on National Karate Championship.
  • National Gold Medalist for two times.
  • Certified from state Government for the state level government coach.
  • National Shodh Sanghoshthi.
  • National Government Coach Certified 2017.
  • Member of Black Belt Certificate association of India [KAI]

So displayed a lot about Mana. Honestly, many words are still remaining to tell about her. Definitely, she is an angel to Harda village. We Indian Achievers Story wish her a very precious and bright future to her and may her all dreams come true.