The festival of responsibility; Ganeshotsav

The month of September have begun and so has the time, for us to be responsible for the next coming seasons. With the beginning of September the biggest celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi 2019 is at our door step and all of us has almost made all the preparations for lord Ganesha’s birthday but from now on we have to keep in mind that we blindly don’t harm our environment again with our rituals of using sculptures made of plaster of paris or as we commonly know it as (POP).

Every year India celebrates Ganesh Visargan and tons of (POP) is emerged in sea and we already know that this material is insoluble in water, now imagine the amount of harm we cause to the aquatic life, our environment, and ultimately to ourselves.

Ganesh Chaturthi 2019

Our society’s point of view is changing and even poor sellers and market vendors are aware of the importance of eco-friendly Ganesha for our environment and are encouraging people to buy eco-friendly Idols this time. Many vendors are taking this as a great opportunity to sell sculptures at overpriced rates. Be aware of those vendors who are selling eco-friendly idols in sky rocketing prices. As mud made idols are really popular now and people are really motivated to buy them, there are vendors who are selling idols made of (POP) which look really beautiful and are nicely decorated and claim that they are eco-friendly, don’t believe them, even the colours are harm-full to the environment rather go for organic or eco-friendly colours.

Many people are making idols at home now that is the smartest way to celebrate this occasion without spending a lot of money. There are chances that eco-friendly sculptures and materials are just not only used for this occasion but also for the next coming festivals like Diwali, Dussehra also.

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