The Courageous tale of an Entrepreneur; Vandit Shah

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“Train your mind to see what most people miss.”

A youthful and propitious man from Ahmedabad put the above lines to sheer reality. Vandit Shah is a 27-year-old Entrepreneur, an IT guide, a Project Consultant, a Professional Sales Trainer, and an Author. He is a street learner and a continuous student of life.

Vandit did not attend college, nor does he have any specialised degree to his name. He is a high school graduate with average marks and no ‘certified’ specialties.

“In the journey of an entrepreneur, the most important thing is self-belief and the ability to convert that belief into reality.”- Mukesh Ambani

Vandit says, “A paper don’t speak about the knowledge I posses, I rather let my work speak it. Degrees stays in folders, where work is seen and experienced practically.
He started working in a call centre to support his family when he was in tenth grade. He worked in the same industry for around three years and learned the basics of what he does now.

The most important thing I learned while working in the Airtel Call Centre is to listen calmly. It is an arduous task to talk to customers in a call centre, listening and maintaining our composure is the key. The same thing is necessary for Sales and Business Development. Be a patient listener and grasp the actual need of your client.” From his initial years of work to even this day, he works around 14-15 hours daily and never leaves his work unattended so he works on weekends too!

“Look at your bills, your dreams, and your current circumstances then ask yourself if you get to chill on the weekend”

Currently, Vandit is a Project Consultant and Professional Sales Trainer to many multinational and overseas companies. His level of expertise is highly demanded and appreciated by his clients across the globe . Vandit says, “I learned through harsh experiences. I never knew the English language, couldn’t speak even a word of it. I saw and heard people speak and learned it by myself. Same goes with my professional specialization. I was denied jobs and was fired multiple times. That is because I don’t have a degree. I grew by making most from the opportunities.”

He sure didn’t have a map or knew the road beforehand, but he adapted on the move. Vandit started in sales from a small job and came up through acquiring knowledge by every failed and successful project.

You don’t get paid by the hour, You get paid for the “Value” you bring to the hour!

To share his skills and knowledge of the field, Vandit thought of writing a book. A compilation of motivation and tactics based on the real experiences he had with his clients. It took him around eight months to complete the book. He mentioned writing for hours and then trashing it all down after three days because he thought what he wrote was not appealing or interesting enough.
He says, “My familiarity with books was meager. I was not the one who’d read and learn from a book, so writing one was entirely a different and alien path.“No wonder his family and friends were astonished when his book ‘You Gotta Close the Deal‘ was released. Vandit received calls from school friends and extended relatives, congratulating him on his recent publication.

“Dreams are not what you see in your sleep; dreams are things which do not let you sleep!”

The book is for students, managers, people who manage managers, Entrepreneurs and everyone who wish to enhance their convincing skills and wish to have a upper hand when it comes to discussing plans. His book is available on Amazon and is receiving a commanding response from the readers.

The most intense fight a human will ever have – is between the person they are and the person they’re capable of becoming!

Vandit had a humble upbringing, so when he thought of spreading his wings in search of the things he desired,his family tried to hold him back in fears of getting hurt, but he knew that playing safe also meant small rewards. Risks he took while trying to earn a desired place for himself are what proves his courage. Vandit himself admire people who have a vision. “Vision provides meaning to life, and their accomplishment provides bliss and prosperity.”
Vandit’s favourite quote is “If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you dont have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.- Steve Jobs.

Shaped from the real and brutal waves of life, this creative and stubborn never lost his mast. He fought the storms and propelled towards excellence. Vandit is the creator of his own fate, moulder of his destiny. This hard and smart working gentleman is an achiever, our Indian Achiever.

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