Sustainable work! Uttarakhand students make electric vehicles from recycled paper.

recycled paper

C-Zero is recyclable, waterproof and fireproof. It’s also simple and inexpensive.

Students of the graphic era of Uttarakhand (considered a university) make racing car bodies for one person from recycled paper.

Using principles of paper technology, students make bodies from a recycled paper machine blended with Paris Plaster of Paris (PoP). The team collected waste paper from the campus and surrounding areas for the project.

C-Zero is recyclable, waterproof and fireproof. It is also lightweight (40kg) and affordable. Usually, the body of a racing electric car is made of carbon fiber. A carbon fiber body costs about 3 lats, but about 1.78 lakh.

In an interview with The Better India, Madhur Saxena, one of 10 on the E ^ 2 team, said it was a nostalgic moment for him because it was the team’s first attempt and the second attempt at college. The team was building the bodywork in the months following the Shell Eco Marathon 2019 in Bangalore, India. Saxena said the lack of time and knowledge of electric vehicles was a challenge for the team and failed again and again.

“In the end, I burned 3-4 bicycles before recovering. This was followed by obstacles. The day before the last marathon, the car ran out of fuel and we had to drive around the city in search of another car and a car for repairs, ”he added.

Some people had amazing facial expressions, but many expressed doubts about how it worked when they heard about the innovation, the 21-year-old student said. Despite all the possibilities, the C-Zero has traveled in the range of 108 km / kWh.

The team also won the Circular Economy Award in the off-piste category. Participants are currently working towards achieving a range of 600 km / kWh.