Success Story of Ashutosh Shukla : One of the Youngest Entrepreneur of India

Success Story

In this interview, Success Story CEO and Founder of Raise DigitalAshutosh Shukla, shares his experiences and lessons learned from entrepreneurship.

It doesn’t matter from where you come; it’s where you go that matters. Coming from a middle-class family, Ashutosh decided to become an entrepreneur rather than be part of a safety net.

In this Indian Achievers Story episode, Founder and CEO of Raise Digital, Ashutosh Shukla discusses his experience founding Raise Digital at a young age and how it helped many businesses get online and boost up. A successful entrepreneur, he discusses how he managed his studies and business while establishing Raise Digital, which is now one of India’s leading digital marketing companies.

He works with businesses of all kinds and in various fields. The digital marketing industry is, however, his passion. In relation to digital marketing, the first question that comes to mind is what is it? Digital marketing is viewed as a means to increase likes, subscribers, and followers. It’s not like that at all. In particular, digital marketing is a huge thing at the moment, particularly because of the pandemic. It can range from shopping on different websites to social media. There is a boom in digital marketing.

In order to make the story of his journey easier to understand, we will tell you about it in his speech:

All of this began when I was in my 10th grade. Following the half year exams, I thought I should take some time off. The majority of my classmates were occupied with board exams at that time, but I got the taste of Digital Marketing. Through my own social media accounts, I started selling products from other companies, and what I learned from that experience is the scope of social media and social media marketing.

My understanding of this matter is very clear that Digital Marketing is a necessary tool for every business. I learned more about digital marketing from online platforms such as YouTube and Google. After I gained a good deal of knowledge through unpaid resources, I started investing in myself. In this series, I purchased some courses on digital marketing and completed them.

Now that I was an expert in theoretical knowledge, I needed to apply my skills to real-world situations. Despite searching for internships and projects, I was unable to find any. At this point, I did not give up and considered working for free. I gained experience by working for free for a few clients. While doing the work for free, I was offered an internship at an esteemed company for a Digital Marketing Manager position.

Then, after doing a few internships and freelancing projects, I learned that all the big companies employ a team of digital marketers and they are doing well. However, startups and small businesses do not have access to digital marketing services at a sufficiently high level. Few companies offering digital marketing services charge too much, making them prohibitively expensive for startups and small businesses. The seed of Raise Digital was planted in my mind at that time.

I thought small businesses should have access to a company that can help them gain online presence and conduct marketing like big companies and use digital marketing to boost up their businesses.

All I knew was that I wanted to do business. As I lacked enthusiasm for studies, I had to make it through. Rather than being a hard worker, I was a smart worker. As everyone in the average middle class from the Mathematics stream, I was compelled to complete a B.Tech in Computer Science for family pressure.

I have been a public speaker since my school days. I was able to combine my enthusiasm for public speaking with my knowledge of digital marketing. This helped me to take seminars and workshops at various colleges and universities on topics such as digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

A lesson I learned from the start of my journey, especially at the age I was at:

Age is just a number. You can achieve anything you want to and when you want to. If you strive hard enough, you will surely succeed.

My parents did not support me when I started my startup. They always told me to concentrate on my studies and get a job after completing my studies. But I was thinking something great and after they saw me doing well in Raise Digital, they started supporting me. Throughout my entire journey, my uncle Amit Shukla has been an incredible support to me.

Money is a part of the business, but it is not the only reason for doing business. I feel great when our customers are happy with our services. We try to give them a good customer experience through our services, dedication, and honesty.


I never thought that this would happen. Basically, the thing is whatever I have learnt I’ve applied in circumstances and situations in life. I thought how to grow business from digital marketing. So in short how to just grow yourself and keep doing something has been the thing. There would not have been fun. So work hard earn money and live your passion. Also, whatever I have learnt I still carry that. It is all there in me till date.

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