Still battle for women

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On 15th Jan 2019, Again I read that a woman was brutely beaten by her mother-in-law for entering the temple. Yes, that woman (MTS. Kanak Durga) who is the first women of age below 50 yr to worship Swami Ayappa, which is proud in itself.

Does she deserve this kind of behavior from her own family?

Our society doesn’t believe in change and change is necessary and it’s natural. In Hindi, it’s rightly said – “ Parivartan Sansaar or Prakriti Ka Niyam Hai .’’

Instead of respecting the jurisdiction and supporting and appreciating the women, are forced to step back and punished because they are standing for their rights from which they are deprived unethically.

AYAPPA SWAMI – The son of Lord Shiva and Mohini (avatar of Lord Vishnu). He is said to be Brahmachari, So women are not allowed in the temple just to maintain the purity of the divine temple.

So, that means the women between the age 10 to 50 are impure?

I saw a post on Facebook and that was so inspirational and I just couldn’t resist myself and felt like sharing my views, although many people oppose and many are in favor, I am in favor just because it’s time to broaden the vision. The world only talks about women empowerment and now its time to enforce it…acc to me we have to raise voice about what is right and what is wrong…

God is everywhere in every soul than how can a woman be impure and not allowed to visit a particular temple…though God is everywhere in every time what if a girl wants to visit a Sabarimala temple to worship the swami…air is everywhere but we feel relax in cool breeze…it’s simple like that…allowing not to visit a particular temple is a discrimination between the children of God..when god never discriminate than who are we to do…

In our sacred books, we have read about the divine power where women’s were never discriminated…all traditions we have made, all done by humans.

Those traditions those rules which are the basis of discrimination now should come to an end. People worship Kamkhya Devi one of the major Shakti Peeth and also it should not be associated with Brahmacharya as Ayyapa swami was Brahmachari because brahmacharya means Parmartma me Vicharna…that means to be engaged in the Parmatama, so nothing to do with girls and Lord Hanuman is also considered Brahmachari, he also follows brahmacharya girls do worship Lord Hanuman.

So this is something which has nothing to do with brahmacharya and for god we all are his children,

Soch Badlo Duniya Badlegi…

Shivanjali Pahuja
I believe in simple living high thinking...I like writing...writing shyarais and poems in my free time and writing articles n blogs are just another way of expressing our views and thoughts to others. It is rightly said that " writing is the best way to express your hidden feelings and thoughts "