Satish Kushwaha is one of India’s most famous content creators.

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Millions of people consume the content of his blogs and YouTube channels.

Satish Kushwaha’s story of very humble beginnings to working his way up to become one of India’s most popular content creators is very inspiring. If you aim to become a successful blogger or YouTuber or both, then you should read this article.

Satish Kushwaha was born on 27 September 1994 in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh into a lower-middle-class family. He did his schooling at a Hindi medium school at Deoria. While studying seventh grade, Satish Kushwaha developed an interest in acting and wanted to grow up to become a filmmaker.

Love for filmmaking-

In his childhood, whenever he used to attend weddings, Satish Kushwaha used to get fascinated by the cameras used there. And he developed the curiosity to learn their working mechanism. This interest in cameras and videography developed Satish Kushwaha’s passion for filmmaking.

From 2009-2010, he started producing videos when he got his hands on a camera phone. After finishing his intermediate education, Satish Kushwaha requested his parents to allow him to study filmmaking. But his parents didn’t support his decision because they had no idea about filmmaking.

Nonetheless, Satish Kushwaha persuaded his parents to allow him into filmmaking and explained to them his plans of making a filmmaking career in Bollywood and also producing Bhojpuri movies.

Unaffordable fees-

Satish Kushwaha’s family wasn’t in a position to afford his filmmaking course. The fee of the course was so high that they couldn’t have afforded it even after selling their house and farm. So, Satish Kushwaha dropped his idea of taking a filmmaking course and settled for engineering. In 2012, he got enrolled at Axis College of Engineering & Technology, Kanpur with the help of a scholarship. Even while studying engineering, Satish Kushwaha longed to learn filmmaking.

Internet changes life-

Satish Kushwaha got internet access for the first time, thanks to the Wi-Fi at college. He began researching on the internet for ways to earn money online. Satish Kushwaha came across many things like paid surveys, etc. but was not at all convinced to try them because he couldn’t find any payment proofs for those methods.

So, he doubted these methods and refrained from trying them. In 2014, Satish Kushwaha came across Google AdSense and learned that one can earn money online by AdSense through a blog or YouTube channel.

First blog-

In 2014, Satish Kushwaha created a blog on Blogger. As he knew Adobe Photoshop and was passionate about photo editing, he started writing photo editing tutorials on his blog. Satish Kushwah was very much more proficient in writing in Hindi rather than English but even then he blogged in English because at that time Google AdSense didn’t support Hindi.

YouTube channel-

Around this same time, Satish Kushwaha created a YouTube channel and started making videos. At that time, he was not able to produce original content. Satish Kushwaha was just producing cover songs and dance videos so, he couldn’t monetize the videos for the fear of copyright.

Later, in his college hostel, he used to borrow the phones of his friends and produce videos by reviewing their phones. Satish Kushwaha used to also take help from his friends to produce some reaction videos. And thanks to all these, he was earning $3-5 per month.

Getting suspended-

Satish Kushwaha succeeded to get AdSense approval for his blog. Then, he requested his friends to visit his blog and click on his ads to earn more. Within a couple of days, Satish Kushwaha made around $10-15, and a day later, his AdSense account got suspended. Later, Satish Kushwaha applied for AdSense in his brother’s name but it also got disabled.

Other blogs-

Rohit Mewada of Hindi Me Help inspired him to start blogging in Hindi. In 2015, Satish Kushwaha started a Hindi entertainment blog by the name, Altu & Faltu and got AdSense approval for it. He along with one of his friends also started a technology blog by the name, Review Funda. And from January 2016, Satish Kushwaha started blogging seriously and in the same year, he started TechYukti.

Content writing-

One of his college friends was also a blogger and was earning $40-50 per day. In his final year of engineering, Satish Kushwaha began writing content for him and used to earn ₹200-300 per article. He used to write Hindi articles for him and earn a total of ₹2000-3000 per month.

Magnetic Mumbai-

After completing his engineering, Satish Kushwaha got a job in Jaipur. But during this same time, he got to know that a YouTube Space has been opened in Mumbai. After researching on the internet, he found that in YouTube Space many things related to acting, camera, video production, etc. will be taught.

So, Satish Kushwaha thought of moving to Mumbai to utilize the features of the YouTube Space to realize his childhood dream of becoming a filmmaker. So, to move to Mumbai and be self-employed, he didn’t report for the job. At that time, this was a very big risk for him. Also, thanks to his blog, Satish Kushwaha was getting invitations to attend launch events of gadgets.

And most of these events were occurring in Mumbai and so, this was also one of the reasons for him to shift to Mumbai. Poor 2G internet connection in his village was another reason for Satish Kushwaha to shift to Mumbai. Later, as he made many connections in Mumbai, he thought of settling there. To go to Mumbai, Satish Kushwaha lied to his family members that he got a job of ₹12,000 in Mumbai.

In June 2016, he along with his college friend, Shailesh Chaudhary arrived at the city of dreams. Here, Satish Kushwaha abandoned his Bollywood and filmmaking dreams and decided to become a full-time YouTuber. He took this decision even when he wasn’t earning anything with YouTube and had only 700 subscribers to his YouTube channel.

At that time, Satish Kushwaha was earning $100 per month with blogging and used to invest this money into his YouTube channel.

His inspirations-

At that time, Satish Kushwaha’s inspirations for his YouTube career were-

  • Praval Sharma of Sharmaji Technical.
  • The Viral Fever.

Many struggles-

As Satish Kushwaha wasn’t earning much, he and his friend decided to reside in a small room in a 10-by-6 chawl. They shared this one-room house with four other people to minimize the rent. The chawl used to be uncomfortably hot and this made Satish Kushwaha sweat profusely. This proved to be a big problem during shooting videos, so he used to repeatedly wipe his face with a towel in between the shootings. Their summers used to be so hot that Satish Kushwaha used to switch off the fan because it used to push down hot air. Also, he used to wait for everyone in his room to fall asleep to shoot videos. During shooting outdoors Satish Kushwaha used to struggle with people interfering with his work and rains. One day, Satish Kushwaha came across the story of a boiling frog.

He compared himself to the frog and realised that he too was growing comfortable with his situation of living in the chawl. This story changed Satish Kushwaha’s mindset for good as he realised that he too will suffer like the frog if he adjusts to the inferior conditions around him. He also observed that his adjusting was responsible for slowly killing his potential and passion. And at that time, Satish Kushwaha felt a strong desire to move out of that living conditions.

From August 2018, he began dreaming of owning a good 1BHK or 2BHK flat in which he can have his own studio by which he can comfortably shoot at any time of the day. But Satish Kushwaha didn’t have enough money to purchase a flat, so he started working harder to save money to realise this dream.

Biggest achievement–

After living in a chawl for three years, finally, in June 2019, Satish Kushwaha entered his new house in Mumbai. And he considers this as the biggest achievement of his life. Satish Kushwaha purchased this beautiful house for around $78000 in the Mira Road area of Mumbai.

Interview series-

At the YouTube Space, Satish Kushwaha networked with many YouTubers. Later, he started multiple YouTube channels and boosted his networking efforts with many YouTubers, bloggers, etc. Initially, Satish Kushwaha along with his friends was producing prank and comedy videos.

Later, he began an interview series in which he started interviewing many successful people, especially entrepreneurs. This series became hugely popular and contributed to the huge success of the Satish K Videos YouTube channel.

Reasons for success-

Now, Satish Kushwaha is a successful online entrepreneur and the reasons for his success are-

  • Dreaming big. His habit of dreaming big helped him to come out of chawl and own a house in Mumbai and also helped him to accomplish many things.
  • Becoming skillful. Satish Kushwaha worked hard to improve his skills which is now very evident from his work. His hunger for success made him learn skills rapidly.
  • Networking. Networking with many successful people not only inspired him and his audience but also educated them about many methods to become successful in both professional and personal life.
  • Reading books. Initially, Satish Kushwaha loathed reading books but after observing that many successful people read books, he also picked up this very beneficial habit. Reading books changed his mindset and made him a better person.


In March 2015, Satish Kushwaha earned his first dollar online with AdSense. And nearly a year later in May 2016, he received his first payment from AdSense which was US$126.87. Out of this US$126, $20 was from his YouTube channel and the remaining was from his blog.

Satish Kushwaha was earning very little in the first three years of his YouTube career and he started earning decent money only after he started getting good views on his videos.

In 2021, his major income sources are (in the ascending order)-

  • YouTube ad revenue from AdSense.
  • Brand promotions.
  • Blog ad revenue from AdSense.
  • Affiliate marketing of software and web hostings on his blog.
  • Others.

In 2021, Satish Kushwaha’s combined revenue from all the above-mentioned sources is more than $8000 (₹5,85,854) per month.

Online assets-

Now, Satish Kushwaha operates many YouTube channels and blogs.

He has a team consisting of his brother and some people to work on his YouTube channels whereas Shailesh Chaudhary (his partner) and two freelancers manage the blogs.

As Satish Kushwaha loves producing videos, now he focuses more on his YouTube channels rather than his blogs.

His YouTube channels are as follows-

Note- Subscribers count as of 14 June 2021.

Satish Kushwaha received five YouTube Play Buttons for these YouTube channels.

Although he has many blogs, he primarily focuses on the below-mentioned blogs-

  • TechYukti (receives more than two lakh monthly visitors and is one of the top Hindi blogs).
  • Satish Kushwaha.

I hope that the success story of Satish Kushwaha motivated you to make a successful online career.

Are you a blogger or YouTuber or both?

And how did the life story of Satish Kushwaha inspire you?

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