Profanity and womanism

What is Profanity

What is Profanity?

Profanity means swear words, vulgarity in speech and actions. Showing no respect specially through language.  “Profane” is derived from latin word “profanus” whose literally means” outside the temple” or blasphemous toward deity/ religion.

So if we look back in middle age profanity was lack of respect for the things that held to be sacred, showing disrespect to religion or causing religious offence. That’s all is history in today’s era profanity is lewd language and the ultimate victim of this profane language is women.

Isn’t it so?

Isn’t it really shameful that always women’s are disrespected, publically swear words are used in communication and the base of this swear words is female body, abusive words and jokes are created on female anatomy. 
Is this masculinity?

It shows that women don’t have a human dignity.

It is said that always people bully the weak to feel strong and this is what the state in society women’s are bullied in by men, they are easiest target in the society. Women are considered as a thing of which you can always make fun off, make jokes on feminism. 

Guys is this correct? Have you ever thought how a woman feels, it affects deeply to her and ask yourself does it affects to you too when somebody says about your mother your sister, we all do say -Bharat Mata Ki Jai, Bharat Mata ka Aatma Samman than what about the respect of mother who had given birth to you. We have come very far from our roots.

Whenever two man communicate what is the need of involving a woman in that conversation. it’s your matter, your discussion, your anger, your fear, your quarrel, why a woman is disrespected between all this?

Does your words have no worth or you to shed light in your phrase you have to abuse a woman, not only this,  a man use swear words to show there anger there suffering, this is a pity that again for this ultimate victim is a women.

Men expects women to consider it normal and listen it quietly. This is the condition of a hollow society where we only talk about gender equality. But in reality things have no such grounds. In this men dominating society profanity and womanism are complementary to each other. Nevertheless true- it’s an attitude of irreverence towards a woman. 

One of the research says that some people develop mental condition (neurological disorder) where they used profanity constantly this condition is known as corprolalia. Someone with corprolalia will use words that make people feel uncomfortable so often that is hard to control also it was found that this shows lack of confidence, insecurity or to make listener listen to you, to gain attention of people they use profane language. 

One should have control on their language we have that much capability to identify what to say, what words to use, make use of tongue modestly, think twice before you say your words because words have more impact on others than your appearance.

Women biologically possess less strength than men but due to this biological difference, is it correct ? At every step women is reminded that you are less than us we can do anything with you, profanity is mere little thing?

Abusive words are Trend

Today condition is that not only men We have seen women are too using abusive words irrespective of their meaning. I will not blame those women for this as they have actually accepted this bitter truth which they should have not, instead they should have oppose. For this condition our society is somewhere responsible. Today the television and film industries are commonly accused of normalizing profanity. In movies, TV series, In speeches, on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook lewdness is very common, What our generation is learning? What are we serving? Are we on the right path? Rubbish content is being served instead of heading ahead we are lagging behind, lagging in our values, our ethics…Like termites it’s damaging the roots and succeeding in creating the mound. Children at tender age learning and watching adult contents and use abusive words among their peer.Youth considered themselves as – ” yeah I am the boss all around” when they use offence language they think “Yo I am popular and this will increase my popularity” this words will portray me as powerful person this words will add on stars to my CV, Actually it’s not I think this shows what kind of a person you are, what are your thoughts and the most important your mental fitness.

That house can never be home, that society can never grow, that company cannot prosper, that city cannot progress , that country cannot develop until and unless women are disrespected and harassed by any means verbally, mentally or physically.

Last but not least I have few lines as a voice of a woman :-

Tune mujhe banaya
Fursat me sahi
Khubsoorat banaya
Me tera daaitva nibhau
Ye soch kar bnaya
Mujhe kubul tera wardaan
Tune mujhe istri bnaya

Is sansaar ne mujhe kamzor theraya
Mere stritva ka mazak bnaya
Meri deh ko thes pohochakar
Mere ang ang ka mazak bnaya
Mujhse janam lene wale ne 
Mujh par adhikar jamaya
Meri asitvya kya hai ye 
Baat baat par Mere naam pe dene wale apshabdo me mujhe bataya

Tune mujhe banaya
Fursat me sahi
Khubsoorat banaya
Teri sabse sundar rachna hu me
Ye soch kar bnaya
Par kaise karu tera sukhriyada
Ki tune mujhe istri bnaya??? 
Hai ishwar
Kyu tune mujhe banaya???


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Shivanjali Pahuja
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