No One Will Starve: Kerala To Start Community Kitchens Amid Lockdown

Coronavirus update

Amidst the state of complete lockdown in the country, where people are maintaining social distancing and avoiding human contact as much as possible. Where factories, shops and offices are shut down due to the corona outbreak. People have stopped stepping out of their houses to go to shops, temples and other frequently visited places. The people who depended on daily wages, who had low savings, low income groups, abandoned old people and beggars have suffered a significant blow to their daily life.

These people are dying due to hunger and poverty due to lockdown where they can’t even earn their daily income. For these people the Kerala government has come up with a scheme where volunteers would deliver the food at their doorsteps with just one missed call.

To ensure that the 21-day nationwide lockdown does not leave anyone starving in Kerala, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Wednesday, March 25, announced the plan to start community kitchens in every panchayat in the state.People can place a call for food, which will be served by volunteers at their doorstep. For those under home quarantine, the local bodies will provide food. Kerala has taken extensive measures to ensure that no one will starve during lockdown. Will be implemented through Local Self Governments, ward-level committees & volunteers

The main reason behind giving a toll-free number was to ensure that people don’t feel embarrassed asking for help and can call the government freely.

The CM said that senior citizens and the differently-abled should not go hungry due to the lockdown and that the caregivers of these people should be allowed to continue providing food and essential services to them.

These kinds ofinitiative taken from the Kerala government and the love and support he is getting from the people of Kerala is worth watching and applauding. These small acts of kindness and empathy raises the spirit of brotherhood amongst the whole nation and the world.

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