Nabhit Kapur, A Globally Renowned Psychologist Opens Up About Mental Health And The Taboos around It

Nabhit Kapur, A Globally Renowned Psychologist Opens Up About Mental Health And The Taboos around It

Mental health matters, people matter, you matter, I cannot fight this battle alone and you don’t have to either; let’s enjoy it together”. – Nabhit Kapur

Mental health is something that is considered as a shallow term, we all know that it exists, but we all fail to understand it. And that is where you require someone whom you can trust and rely on. And as far as the field of psychology is concerned, Nabhit Kapur is one such example of relentlessly breaking the stereotypes associated with mental health and bringing a transformative change in the society. His understanding of mental health and illness is completely different from what we could ever imagine. For him, mental health is not something to do with your mental ILLNESS but your WELLNESS. He also describes mental illness as not only the tip of the iceberg but the entire mountain receding inside you i.e. your overall wellbeing. 

Starting his journey from scratch to becoming a PsychoPrenuer, author, TEDx speaker and a global ambassador of mental health and peace with numerous recognitions across the world, Kapur is perhaps the youngest psychologist representing India across the globe in this arena. His initial plan was to study HR in psychology which later turned his interest in core mental health.

He initiated a foundation called ‘Peacfulmind Foundation’, which is also a member of UN Global Compact and is operating worldwide.. The foundation was formed to make psychology a household term, peace, and well-being and culture. The foundation is currently working in many countries across the world with various fellowship programs, providing training and workshops related to mental health and wellness. Even today, despite the challenges faced by the organization, the self-funded organization doesn’t accept any donations or funding and strives to maintain a good and healthy working relationship with different countries. 

Global Youth Mental Health Forum is one such platform initiated by Nabhit Kapur that focuses primarily on youth psychology, child psychology and child mental health by bringing together youth, NGO’s, psychologists and activists across the world. 

With his exuberating leadership qualities as a psychologist and as a social entrepreneur, Prof Nabhit has also initiated a novel idea an Open mic mental health karaoke (stress buster with pals) starting 20 September 2020, which aims at a more comprehensive ideas of sharing problems with one another on one hand and gaining solutions and innovation to solution with ‘Pals” on the other hand..

Keeping in mind the coronavirus pandemic and its effects, he believes that the pandemic is likely to cause another global mental pandemic causing depression, anxiety, stress and mental disorders among individuals and communities. The health and financial costs of COVID-19 have resulted in widespread feelings of helplessness and overwhelming anxiety and despair in response. The COVID-19 pandemic is causing suffering on a global level that is unprecedented in living memory. Research conducted by the Suicide Prevention in India Foundation states that nearly 65% of 159 mental health professionals surveyed reported an increase in self-harm among their patients. More than 85% of therapists surveyed said they were experiencing fatigue and over 75% said that fatigue had impacted their professional work. On the other hand, the fear of losing loved ones, the stigma associated with the virus, huge financial burdens will be impacting the productivity and well-being of millions. If left untreated, the psychiatric emanation associated with the pandemic will have serious long-term social and financial consequences for all areas of human life, including personal relationships, family dynamics, academic performance, and work productivity. Not only this, but the pandemic could also further limit access to mental health services for the people living in conflict areas. 

So, before the problem gets transformed into a global pandemic, Prof. Kapur has requested everyone to join their hands in this global movement aimed towards bringing a positive change in the lives of people and making mental health an important aspect of everyday’s life.

Tanishka Patidar
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