My Measurement

My measurement and sweet numbers?
Then listen.
my fears are zero,
Call me a slut or hoe.
My hardwork is hundred
I hold a place other than in Kitchen and Bed

Not just breast & waist or hips and thighs
I have a heart & brain too.
Sadly, it goes unnoticed in your virtue.
My dreams are divine,
You need to think beyond sixty-nine.

I might be pale,brown or dark
I love it
You don’t have to disagreeingly bark.

Shatter my dreams,burn my ambitions
Rip my skin, snatch every pinch of hue
I can & I will rise again, out of blue.

My Measurements and sweet number?
I am zero, a dark night.
But sooner or later
I’ll be infinite.
Glorious and Bright.
Tanishka Patidar

Tanishka Patidar
"Serving humanity & scratching words to feed the soul" Tanishka is the Co-Founder of Indian Achievers Story. This lover of pen and poetry is also a social worker.