Mother’s Day ; What,when and why?

mother's day

Someone said it very wisely “Every day is a Mother’s Day”. It’s a relationship that begins much before one gains sense. Hence called a pious bond. Mother’s Day is a dedication to the selfless and eternal love of Mothers. While many people express their gratitude with tears of humbleness, it brings back the memories of gone mother to others. A day full of nostalgia. Even though umbilical cord is detachable but the spiritual strings are connected forever. This symbolizes the beauty of an immortal relationship. The scenario of present day Mother’s day looks simple but it has an intriguing and lovely story behind it.

Mother's Day 2020

History of Mother’s love

Traces of mother worshipping are seen in History. In the many parts of world where mother had its own place, ancient Greeks were the first to show their love for mother. As in Greek mythology, they used to worship ‘Mother of all Greek Gods – Rhea “. She was a mothet to the first generation of Olympiad Gods (Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus).They even had a spring festival honoring her. Whereas, in Indian civilization indigenous people still regard mother in religion. They consider every selfless creature to be holy as mother. This also generates the patriotic emotion of serving homeland as mother. However, during British period, the servants have to go home on fourth Sunday every month to see their mother known as “Mothering Sunday”.

Mother of Mother’s Day

The present era Mother’s day is a fruitful effort of social activist Anna Jarvis. She was so in love with her mother. When, she was twelve, she heard her mother’s prayer for a day to honor all the mothers. Young Anna couldn’t resist this prayer. However, her mother passed away in May 1905. On her second death anniversary she wanted a church memorial for the gone soul. With the sincere efforts of Philadelphion phlilantrophist ‘Mother’s Day Commettee’ successfully proposed Mother’s Day in nation.

In 1910, West Virginia declared second Sunday of May as a day to honor mothers. It started to gain popularity rapidly. In 1914, President Wilson officially made this Mother’s day. For that all were under obligations to gather at Church. Many of them send loving letters to the mothers. Also, Carnation flowers decorated the day. Red and Pink ones for the living mothers whereas White for the passed.

On the other hand, many with times the letters were replaced by greeting cards. This was an upsetting aspect for Anna Jarvis. As she wanted people to write greetings on their own. More to her lost peace, the day started to come more as a commercial day than an emotional one. As people bought more cards and telephonic calls were at peak on the day. In 1924, she filed a petition to abolish this. In 1930, she as arrested for disturbing peace as she opposed its commercialisation. Anna spent her life in prison. In 1948, Anna passed away with no children to remember her but the day.

It maybe possible to gild the pure Gold, but who will make his mother more beautiful” – Mahatma Gandhi