Mensuration is not a myth :- Menstruation is an integral part of a women’s life. An average woman goes through this biological process after every twenty eight days. Its significance can be seen like, “There wouldn’t be anyone on the planet without menstruation”. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons that women are more tolerable/ intolerable to different situations. Many women don’t share common grounds on this topic. So, there are a lot of agreements and disagreements popping from women. Many people believe in numerous superstitions about menstruation. The reasons can be both cultural and biological. But, many of them are either outdated or not based on firm logics.

Here’s the list of some myths about menstruation

1. You’re awkward.

2. Tampons will break your hymen and make you dirtied. 3. Can’t clean up. 4. Everybody gets PMS and it for the most part appears as – cantankerousness/bad temper. 5. Do whatever it takes not to go outside in light of the fact that the bears can smell it from far away. 6. Do whatever it takes not to perm your hair until after you’ve had your playing period . 7. If you contact any vegetable already or during the pickling technique they likely won’t pickle and would go bad. 8. You can’t sleep on bed and there should not be any contact with anybody. 9. You get smacked on the face once you get your playing period so you have “wonderful” red cheeks a mind boggling sum. 10. In case you shower with predicament while on your period you’ll have a critical stream. 11. You can’t drink cold refreshments since they will give you presses. 12. Do whatever it takes not to wash or trim your hair. 13. Participating in sexual relations can execute your accessory. 14. You can’t contact blooms since they’ll kick the container quicker. 15. You need to clean your pads before hurling them out. Regardless ghosts will come and successive you. 16. You can’t enter a kitchen or cook sustenance for some other individual. 17. You can’t enter a place of affection. 18. you’ll simply enter an area of request once you’ve washed your hair on or after the fourth day. 19. you have to wash your hair on the fundamental day of your period to wash yourself comple

Even though we have reached this era of medical science many women have encounter the above myths. Biology isn’t a matter of pride or shame, society needs to accept it as it is. Also, proper education about these things must be mandatory.


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