Menstruation; What is Pre Menstrual Syndrome

Life is the most precious thing humans can create. In congruence with time humans have discovered biology as an inseparable part. Men and Women come with a blessing of continuation of livelihood. However, an integral part of women life gives a message that life keeps flowing on shore. Menstruation indeed is a blessing to women. A survival challenge every month for the sake of life. Normally, a menstruation cycle starts at the age puberty and goes till a certain age. We must not forget exceptions are always there.

PMS( Pre Menstrual Syndrome) is a common problem in women. 3 out every 4 women have experienced it at some stage of life. This is basically a physical and emotional rollercoaster women go through. PMDD affects in range of 3% to 8% premenuposal women. Also, the age group of women of twenty to ones in early forties is most affected by it. The severity varies from one woman to another. The most significant way a woman can handle it, is being tolerable to pain.


The main cause this is yet to be fully explored. But, according to some experts it happens due to hormonal imbalance. The intensity effects strongly, and this at its end makes happen. The haywire level of Oestrogen and Poestrogen ca make it worse. On the other hand Serotonin fluctuations can also contribute to it. It is simply because of the mood swings it can cause. The mood swings can make them feel uncomfortable with the surroundings. The emotional and psychological impacts can be seen in their behavior. Again, there can be numerous changes in both the states, they are to deal with

The symptoms can be both Mental and Physical. For the mental ones, Craving for food, depression, feeling of isolation and insomnia incncreases. Whereas physical symptoms can be , Headache, Breast tenderness or softness, constipation, back pain, bloating etc. The severity here will vary on immune system.


There is not perfect diagnosis found for PMS. Pregnancy test can be done to find the symptoms too. The women are advised to havea Balanced Diet, Anti Depression Pills, Increase fluid intake. Also, sleeping for at least 8 hours is recommended by the concerned doctors. A light exercise can also do wonders.

The factor which is most stressed is changing the lifestyle to a healthy one. In these situations, men can’t feel the pain but can understand it well. With growing figures, Women must be more interactive to men about menstruation. As both are two sides of same coin.