Menopause; end of a blessing.

Menopause sometimes even comes as a subset of Premenopause. It is a biological situation when women body starts to prepare itself for menopause. Hormonal changes can be experienced. The body slowly enters in this state, normally at the age between 40-50 years. While, to some bodies they don’t go through the premenopause and directly reach that stage. Near about 1-2% women experience menopause at the age of forty. There could be hereditary factors contributing as well as health of ovaries has an impact on it. It happens when body becomes unable to produce healthy hormomes which keeps the flow going. As the body changes starts there can be decrease in number of the following

Every blessing comes to an end, but joy stays eternally. The life cycle process that woman originate for weeks in their life stops, Menopause. A time where periods stop and the ability to give birth to child ceases due to the biological factors. It in general happens between the age of forty-five to fifty five varying on different factors. Though, women experience it in exceptional cases as well. But the average age of menopause is 45 years. Some perhaps before the boundaries, some slightly after the time and some on time.

follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)

These are very crucial parts of women body that let it happen. According to study, in United States of America 52 the age of menopause for majority of women is fifty two years. However, the lifestyle also plays a part in this. The harmful activities like Smoking can also effect the sexual life of both men and women. It can also lead to a damage to reproductive organs and the cycle of life can come to halt. The severity varies from one individual to another depending on the body type.


As the problems may occur, and start effecting your daily life they can be treated. Not every case go through very harsh problems. Hair loss can also happen during it, many medications can treat it. But, if the problems like hot flashes, night sweats,flushing, vaginal atrophy and osteoporosis happens, a hormonal therapy maybe useful.

Doctors suggest, in times when women are working mental pressure increases. Mental health directly imapacts on physical health. So it is advised to keep stress levels low. Secondly, exercising can keep both mental and physical levels in control. With more indulgence in work, women tend to skip diets. Which is not good for the menstrual health, eating a balanced diet can handle it. Going for the activities like Yoga and meditation can keep the balance too. As well as, intoxicants affects the body severely so, usage of alcohol and drugs must be at limited capacity or completely ceased.