Men on Menstruation; A view that matters

Men on Menstruation; A view that matters

Both men and women are equally significant parts of the human life. They both originate from same specie, though the distinction in biological characteristic sometimes lead to misunderstandings. As many hoi polloi are not aware and qualified enough to understand this. Sometimes the answer to the most complex human system is really simple. Let us some opinions and views of men on mensturation .

Rishabh Batham

Periods/mensturation is an ordinary organic procedure that happens in females from their pubescence stage and happens each month. I witness different opinions and myths of women and men on mensturation.

I became more acquainted with about it obviously in tenth norm. Before that I wasn’t unmistakably mindful about them. Till 12-13 years I didn’t know about mensturation. At whatever point I saw that my mother or sister are not entering kitchen not doing puja in any event. Contacting the plants and water them and asked them for what valid reason. They generally answered with some metaphors.

In different occurrences, where my auntie some other female wasn’t permitted to try and rest on bed in light of their periods. They needed to rest on floor till their periods end. My female cousins were not permitted to go into the room while any puja on the off chance that they were on their periods. They needed to sit outside or, more than likely they abstained from going to them.

Be that as it may, presently I talk about periods with my mother, sister and companions as they are ordinary. They’re not timid any longer to advise me to maintain a strategic distance from knocks on street while riding vehicle while they are having period torment.


At our home, women don’t go in the kitchen or near the Pooja Ghar while being on periods, and that’s beneficial for them as they get to rest a bit. Some rituals were meant in favor of women but over time they got polluted.

Ratan Mishra

Being a bio student, I generally knew the science behind mensturation. The physical issues and agony a young lady faces during nowadays. In any case, just when I turned into a senior sibling to my sisters. I understood the psychological injury the young lady youngster experiences this timeframe.

When just because I went to a sanctuary with a gathering of female companions. I understood the some tales. I found out about young ladies being not permitted to enter the sanctuary during their periods were stories as well as a reality. The main inquiry I had at that point and I know is Why? It’s a typical organic procedure occurring in every single female on this planet at that point would they say they are being treated as untouchables during their menses?

What was meant to be a five – day holiday from chores has become restrictions now. A menstruating woman can not touch edibles, cotton, mud utensils and more such things. I myself grew up surrounded by the similar ‘norms’, luckily they were a holiday from chores for me.

Tanishka Patidar
"Serving humanity & scratching words to feed the soul" Tanishka is the Co-Founder of Indian Achievers Story. This lover of pen and poetry is also a social worker.