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women entrepreneurs
women entrepreneurs

Sarika Rangani is the founder and CEO of The YouQ, an organization that is aimed at helping people realize their true potential. She is also currently working as the Head of Marketing and Sales at the Hatha Group, a real estate firm based out of Bangalore. Coming from a typical Indian household, based out of Chittoor, Sarika has always yearned for excellence. She started her career in a company called Yuken India, gradually moving to Flowserve as a Senior Design Engineering 2008. She stayed there for 8 years before starting her own venture. She was the proud recipient of the prestigious award ‘Spirit of Flowserve’ 3 times in a row. She says her longest tenure in a company resulted in not only complete job satisfaction, but life-long friendships.

Talking to her about her venture, The YouQ, she says “After a decade of industry experience, and profound knowledge about my skills, I realized that every individual has a unique potential or talent – which we coined  as ‘The You Quotient’.” To quote her, “If everyone can identify that for themselves, their journey on this beautiful planet would be worthwhile.

‘The YouQ’ or ‘The You Quotient’ is all about YOU – your unique identity, your core strengths, your focus areas to achieve your dreams or goals. Our focus is on ‘Young India’ and we envision that they will be equipped with the right skills to lead our country better, through our Personality Skill Development workshops. We have impacted more than 10,000 students, many corporate and startup employees since the inception in 2016.” She feels using this potential for the betterment of people is her ‘You Quotient’.

But Sarika is not just all about work. She was also a member at BNI, the world’s largest networking organization. Mentor Coordinator, Training & Events Coordinator and President were a few leadership roles she served at her chapter, BNI Kites, Bangalore. She is also an active member of Toastmasters and has held the coveted position as the Area Director in District92 of Toastmasters.

She admits that her goal in joining Toastmasters was to express her thoughts and ideas in an effective way. As she grew in her Toastmasters journey, she realized that Toastmasters is the place, not just for communication, leadership and public speaking skills, but self-exploration and if one uses this platform in a right way, they will have a ‘sense of purpose’ in their lives.

When asked about her involvement with the newer generation, she gets that trademark sparkle in her eyes and she says, “I love spending time with kids because of the energy they carry, curiosity to learn stuff and ‘I-don’t-give-up’ attitude. Whenever I conduct our signature workshop for kids (8-15 years of age), Love of Learning (LoL), my energy levels go high rather than getting drained by the end of the session.

It gives me so much contentment when I see them transforming week-on-week, the way they become so expressive with love of learning, and not just mugging up stuff. This burning desire paved the path for a special workshop called ‘Love of Learning’ and it has been well received by Parents in Karnataka and Andhra because they felt the change in their kids’ skill levels and learning abilities.”

Sarika feels that life is to be enjoyed, each moment is to be cherished. She is a firm believer in chasing after excellence and not perfectionism. She says,” The whole point of life is TO BE HAPPY by having a sense of purpose. Success comes by default.”

It was so nice to see a woman, who is so content in her life, doing what she wants to and making a definite difference in the world.

Akshay Kaore
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