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The most violent element in society is ignorance. – Emma Goldman

One such issue is Mental Health. Disregard of its complexity, mental health is not viewed as a critical issue as much as physical health. Professor Dr Nabhit Kapur is a professional Psychologist who is doing a splendid and noteworthy work in changing the cast of mind of people.
Dr Nabhit is the founder of Peaceful Mind Foundation and Global Youth Mental Forum and serves as the President of the same. Africa calls him a friend and son and Canada acclaimed him to be an influential psychologist. He is the first Indian Laureate by African Union and first Indian to receive the Peace award by the ministry of interior Ghana. Apart from designated as a Peace Ambassador across several continents, he is also a social entrepreneur and professional mentor.Peaceful Mind Foundation
Registered in UN, PMF is present across 36 nations. Their vision is to make psychology a household term. PMF aware and train people about the importance of mental health through workshops, conferences and online classes.

Professor Dr Nabhit Kapur

Global Youth Mental Health Forum

The forum focuses on youth psychology, child psychology, child mental health amalgamating and youth activists. It intends to bring international leaders, youth activists, celebrities, journalists and other influencers on the same platform for discussion.

Awards and Recognition

Many nations have recognized and bestowed Dr Nabhit Kapur for his efforts. Some of them are:

  • Ambassador-at-Large
  • Spokesperson (Mental Health) – United Refugee Green Council
  • Global Ambassador of Healthcare – Canada
  • African Achiever – Healthcare
  • Indian Achiever Award
  • World Record – For his efforts towards revolutionizing Psychology and making it a household term in over two dozen countries in a short span of 1 year 6 months.

It’s high time for us to address mental health.

If physical illness receives sympathy, why mental illness receive shame?

Our body heals itself in the times of physical injuries, but the mind requires an individual’s efforts and other’s support. But often, the individual has no idea that he/she is in depression or needs help and, other people are not supportive. Yes, illness is not something to boast about, but it is also not a subject of shame.

Spread the words

Dr Kapur educates people on how to know if you or someone you know is going through the phase of mental illness. It is necessary because in initial stages a friend or peer can help a person, but severe stages require professional help.
He has organized interventions at several schools, professing institutionalization of psychological wellness. He has campaigned extensively for the use of Psychometrics to build impulse and has successfully demonstrated applying scientific methods to help students realize their best potential. He regularly conducts detailed profiling, comprehensive screening and regular follow-ups for participants of his academic workshops.
He also trains pilots on Psychometric tools which help in stress management, the majority of whom successfully serve the national carrier, Air India.
He introduced the concept of psychological wellness among pregnant women in the Middle East and is recognized for the same by the Government of Dubai. In Afghanistan, the Chief Election Commissioner recognized him for promoting the idea of the mental shift in attitude towards elections.

More about Kapur

He is an accomplished writer and has authored books on Grapho-Psychology, Psychology and Atypical Behaviour apart from several acclaimed research papers to his credit. He holds a Degree Certificate of Positive Psychology from the University of North Carolina, the USA besides Degrees in Counselling and Family therapy, Learning Disability and doctorate in NEUROSCIENCE. His continuous endeavours earned him a title of “Professor” in psychology in September 2018.

Nabhit is a visionary and a true thought leader, whose devotion and hard work have ushered new ways of Psychological well-being across nations, age-groups, ethnicities, and cultures. From young children to policymakers, he continues to strive to make human minds perceive and acknowledge important psychological wellness. Teaching people something this crucial is what makes him an achiever, our Indian Achiever.

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