Love is a Feeling

poems in english
poems in english

Love is a feeling to be felt,
It makes hardest rock melt.

Love is such a beautiful thing.
Which we have within
Always love others to be loved,
And feel blessed with the greatest joy therein.

Love is an unconditional feeling,
Which sometimes is hard to convey,
Although there may be words galore
But it does become difficult to say.

Love is something that can
Just bond everything.
A magic, which can renovate enemy to brother
It is soft and delicate as a feather.

So never hurt a loving heart,
Because you, too, have in your body.
Such a part!.

~ Jincy Renjy Thomas ~

Mukesh Pathak
Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of Indian Achievers Story & Social Hindustan. | Best Content Creator 35 UNDER 35 Madhya Pradesh | Motivational Speaker & Mozilla Tech Speaker | Software Developer