English Poem

Looking back today,
I feel l have lost everything,
By loosing you.
To whom would I talk hours and hours.
On whose shoulders would l lean,
cry without any reason.
With whom would I simply gossip non stop.
I, indeed feel I have lost everything,
By loosing you.
Who will hold my hands,
When I fell down.
Who will say, go on champ
there’s always a way before the dawn.
Who will hold me when I am completely pulverised.
Who will solve my so called conundrums.
Oh how much I want you,
back into my life.
Though I know,
You are far far away……
From where no one comes back.
You have always been a warrior,
You have taught me to fight till you drop.
You will always remain in my assumptions and aspirations.
Make me strong to fight my abjection.
Oh mom!by loosing you to death
I have certainly lost everything…

~ Jincy Renjy ~


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