Let’s make this Ganesh Chaturthi environmentally friendly: an initiative by 75 kids of Bengaluru

ganesh chaturthi 2019

Where we are too busy to just enjoy the festivals, these children have started thinking of environment and hoe to make festivals more environmentally friendly.

the 75 kids from Bengaluru between the age of 4-15 have celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi on this Monday with utmost devotion and a grand celebration, but with some environment friendly ways.

According to research it was discovered that every year more than crore murthi (idols) of Lord Ganesh are immersed in India’s water bodies. Murthis made up of Plaster of Paris and toxic chemicals were polluting the water bodies. These toxic chemicals are now being found in our bloodstream. The latest research has found that this chemical disrupts the Endocrine system which can cause disease like cancer, infertility, birth defects, impaired immunity and many other ailments  

 Kids from DSR complex, Bengaluru welcomes Lord Ganesh by making their own murthis (idols), which were 100 per cent eco-friendly and non-toxic.

Dr Simi Sugathan, Public Health Scientist, Safety Monitor and also the active resident of this complex said that the intent with which they started off was to ensure that as a community they celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with zero waste, reported by the Better India

It will become possible with the help of Bijal Kinchit Shah, an IT consultant by profession but a creative by passion, almost 75 children between the age group of 4 to 15, got to make their own little murthis over the course of two days.

Dr Sugathan also said, the idols that the children have made are all placed on individual tray pots. Each pot has some methi seeds in them and with water that the plant will get every day, within three weeks we will have methi fit for consumption.

This was done last year as well, and Dr Sugathan mentioned that the campaigning this year had far-reaching impact.

While this is one building with 250 homes in a large city adopting such measures, we hope that this inspires many others from different parts of the country to follow suit. Let celebrate this Ganesh Chathurthi, with utmost good faith and try to make it more environment friendly.

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Nikhil Mishra
Nikhil Mishra is a Student of psychology and a Dynamic researcher, Had Presented 5 papers at the National and International Conference and complete on Minor research project. He Loves writing as a joyful activity. He is also a teacher, counselor, and motivational speaker