A team of CAs and CSs initiated a change in stereotypes – Legal salah

Legal salah the bootstrap heroes

Emergence of Idea for structuring Legal Salah.

Startup Stories

Idea brooded in the mind Co-founders , Subhash (CS, LLB), Abhinit (CA), Sujit (Advocate), and Tausif (CS in the year 2014, to succumb the gap between qualitative legal and taxation services and transparent pricing. The idea came into operation on 26th November 2015 with the efforts of four founders: There is no looking back since then.

Legal, Accounts and Taxation are three departmental pillars behind the management of every organization and absence of any of them can result in to fall of the whole structure. Now, imagine single window solutions for all the problems arising out of these pillars, at your own convenience? It looks like a dream! But it has been turned into reality by our bootstrap heroes who weaved Legal Salah through their sheer efforts.

Legal salah is now an emerging name when it comes to accessing not only legal solutions but also tax, accounts, business, compliance etc. related advice, which sets it into a different pedestal than all other Legal Startups. It has emerged as a blessing for individuals, business professionals, startups and MSEs, as before the emergence of Legal Salah, availing qualitative legal advice at a reasonable fee, was just a distant dream.


Legal Salah started its operation in Kolkata from a mere 200 Sq. Ft. with only four people, back in 2015. Initially, it was no less than a challenge to launch an idea which was unique and new. It was a risk and moreover, unlike fortunate startups, the heroes of Legal Salah had no financial backings or any other external support. They managed expenses from their own pocket. Initial financial crunch did not stop them from chasing their dreams of providing affordable legal and business compliance advisory services for all. Their dedication and never give up attitude helped Legal Sarah in making a mark in the industry which was not only competitive but also difficult to break through, especially for those having no experience or financial backing.

Legal Salah Motto

Providing Access to Lawyer, CA and CS under one roof and to create a hassle free working environment is the motive behind Legal Salah.

Journey So far

The hard work and dedication, for reaching the zenith, of Legal Salah team is commendable. They are now a team of more than 15 core members with more than 2500 registered professional to further their good deed. Legal Salah is represented by its professionals pan India with physical presence in 5 cities (Kolkata, Delhi, Patna, Jammu and Kashmir and Dhanbad). So far, they have satisfied more than 15000 clients from their services that includes some well-known brands like: Sulekha, Fuziflim, Duckback, Unitdeals, Clear dry. Presently, it is operating as a Private Limited Company with a growing revenue of 20% on month to month basis.

Road Ahead

Considering its risk-taking ability and dedication for providing qualitative services, Legal Salah can emerge as the best technical legal service provider in the coming years because there can be no alternative to quality.

Startups may emerge and fall but the one that takes risk survives.

Tanishka Patidar
"Serving humanity & scratching words to feed the soul" Tanishka is the Co-Founder of Indian Achievers Story. This lover of pen and poetry is also a social worker.