Kudos to Kundan – The Fearless Fighter

Kudos to Kundan - The Fearless Fighter

“If I keep on asking others what help did they provide, I’ll lose my chance of helping others,” says human right activist and a fearless fighter Kundan Srivastava.

Kundan is a 27-year-old IT engineer by profession and a Human Rights Activist, author, and entrepreneur by heart.

braveheart from Raxaul founded ‘Be In Humanity’ and ‘The Voice
Raiser’. These foundations work for humanitarian causes and funds on
personal savings of volunteers. Donations are neither asked nor
accepted which makes these two foundations attractive.

People like to get identified with education,designation and power. My designation is ‘Child of God’” – Kundan Shrivastava

stepped forward to this noble cause after a series of misfortune in
his life. Kidnapped in 2004, Brother died in 2005 and Father died in
2012. He has been working as an activist since 2004, while he was in
8th grade.

Kudos to Kundan – The Fearless Fighter

Voice Raiser’ is a platform which discusses and mentions incidents of
injustice and immorality and seek justice.

Humanity is the first and finest religion one must and should follow.” – Tanishka Patidar

is awarded numerous times for his remarkable and astonishing work.

  • Veer Putra Samman Award – March 2017
  • Global Diamond Award – December 2016
  • iVolunteer Award – September 2014
  • Universal Humanity Award – 2013
  • Pithhadish Award – 2012

was Kidnapped at the age of 14 because he protested against
bureaucracy and mafia that was taking over the education system. He
tried to escape after seven days and succeeded and endured a gunshot
on his leg.

deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.”
– Nelson Mandela

fought for many people’s right including Abdul Sattar Makandar, Ekta
Desai, suffering in-laws, Indian migrant workers, and child slaves.
While talking with Indian Achievers Story, he said “Don’t
abstain yourself from helping other’s thinking you are an outsider,
be their family. We are one, and we must act like it”.

Kundan has written a book “Title is Untitled” which primarily shares experiences of women who suffered and fought back. Not just this but Kundan is the Brand Ambassador of Truecaller.

fire in the heart but patience in mind, kindness in act and calmness
in eyes this young and braveheart man helped and empowered many
people. Kudos to Kundan!

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