Kabaad Se Jugaad : Bhopali Heart

Kabaad Se Jugaad Bhopali Heart
Kabaad Se Jugaad : Bhopali Heart.

“In 2016-17 Bhopal stood second in the Swachh Survekshan in India. Just after this, we thought let’s make Bhopal the cleanest city of India,” said Robin Jagtap RED FM Programming Head.

Following are some highlights from his conversation with us.

Bhopal aims to be the first in Swachh Survekshan 2018 and beautify the city using Scrap Items (Known as Kabaad ).
Back to the story, Robin begins telling us “In our meeting with the then Commissioner Nagar Nigam Priyanka Das Ma’am, she told us that we need to do something to uplift Bhopal in the next Swachh Survekshan, from there the concept of  कबाड़ से जुगाड़ (Kabaad Se Jugaad meaning Best Out of Waste) came into our mind. So that we could show people that something good can come out of the waste materials if acted smartly and innovatively.

We all know the word जुगाड़ (hacks) is so much associated with the people in the normal walk of life. So we thought of giving it the name कबाड़ से जुगाड़.

Seeding the idea

We came up with this idea and discussed with Nagar Nigam Bhopal about our plan. We told them we would collect the scrap items from the local household with the help of Nagar Nigam.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Steve Jobs

Irrigating the idea

Initially, we told the public that the scrap we will be collecting from them will be used for a social cause. So that people would know they are contributing towards making Bhopal a better place.

We at RED FM always believe in thinking out of the box, and thus we thought of using the best out of the waste. In this way, pollution can be controlled and we’ll hit two targets in a single throw.


Not only us but the people from all over the world using scrap items to make something best out of it. So why can’t we do the same?
We don’t think we did a great work but yes taking initiatives like this will certainly aware people about things we can do out of the waste too. So other people can also start taking initiatives like this.

“For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument and debate.” – Margaret Heffernan

We all know plastic is not degradable and is a big challenge for us. But very few know that plastic can be recycled in many ways. Even houses and roads can be made out of the waste plastic.

To my surprise, we got unlimited support from the government. Nagar Nigam Bhopal also gave us full support in this campaign.
We just took the initiative but the real work is done by the Bhopalis. They contributed in every possible way.
Results speak about the success of this campaign, Bhopal transformed into such a beautiful city, you would see we are using innovative ways to beautify it.”

This is all Robin had to say, but what the city has to offer is much more than this. Bhopal is known as The City of Lakes and does offer scenic beauty at several places. The calmness and peace of this city give soothing and relaxing pace to people. If Soorma Bhopali is the only thing you know about Bhopal, you must pay a visit!

Tanishka Patidar
"Serving humanity & scratching words to feed the soul" Tanishka is the Co-Founder of Indian Achievers Story. This lover of pen and poetry is also a social worker.