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Making it big in the volatile and often difficult world of acting is always a tough task and especially for someone with no godfather or prior affiliations, but that is exactly what this person has done. Rupal Nand, born to a middle-class family from Maharashtra, is already a famous and well-loved face in the bourgeois Marathi households. When asked her about her background, she unabashedly admits that she is from a middle-class family from Pune with no connections to the industry as such. She did her schooling in Mumbai and Pune, her graduation in physiotherapy from Fergusson College in Pune.

She says, “My mom always wanted me to be a part of the stage sometime in life. But I started off with boogie-woogie. I have always had an interest in Theatre. As a matter of fact, I’ve done my first play when I was in the 1st grade but couldn’t pursue it further. And somewhere because of all the changes happening around me, I somehow lost contact with it. After I completed high school, I joined a theatre group, where I performed in a commercial play for the first time. Then I performed in a personality contest conducted by Maharashtra Times, where I performed a mime-show. I think that’s why they liked me because I did something different and refreshing.”

The topic now moves to her role in a couple of successful Marathi movies and one lead role in a daily soap. Rupal is very humble when she says, “It feels amazing. In the beginning, I was worried about starting my career in such a field. But as I was offered the lead role in a daily soap on a reputed channel, I decided to go ahead with it. At that time, I didn’t know how much it would work because I had faced the camera only once in Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai 2, and that too for a very short time. I’m really humbled that the audience loved it so much.”

“I got Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai 2 when I was in my final year of Physiotherapy. After I graduated, I was looking for a job in earnest in Mumbai. I was doing patient rounds privately when I came across a role opening for a daily soap, but I didn’t give much attention to it since I was just starting my journey. I went to their office for an audition and amongst the multitude of people, they liked me. That’s how the journey began. And it was a fantastic project that I did. People loved it, so much so, that even after the show went off-air, they wanted to see more of it. The channel had to do a re-run. By God’s grace and people’s love, the serial got the highest TRP on that channel.”

When asked her about how she feels to have worked with such successful and veteran actors, she says, “I’m actually very lucky to perform with such great actors every time. I got a chance to explore their field of work. They’re so deep, and I learnt a lot from them and they helped me a lot, considering I’m very new to all this.”
Talking about her future plans, Rupal says, ” An actor needs to start all over again when the previous project ends, and as an artist, I feel this is the biggest struggle. Of course, I’m getting new offers, but I’d like to do something that might have a greater effect on people and touch their hearts and do something meaningful that can help change society. At this point in time, I just want to explore different facets of acting and enjoy what I do.”

About what she would advise people who want to follow in her footsteps, “One must be alert to what is happening around them and just be true to oneself. One should have the ability to analyze and must be bold enough to follow what the heart tells them”.
On that note, it was wonderful to meet such a sweet and dedicated person like Rupal Nand. She has already made the breakthrough into the silver screen with her dazzling performance in Goth aired on Star Pravah.

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