INCREDIBLE INSIGHT: The Story of His Ability: A Movie with a Message

INCREDIBLE INSIGHT: The Story of His Ability: A Movie with a Message

The short film is considered to be a powerful medium that reflects the happenings in society. While it is caught up between the real and reel life, it still serves as an important medium of entertaining people, educating them, and bringing a behavioral change in their practices and attitudes. Disability is an important issue that is widely misunderstood even today in India. Research has consistently found substantial social marginalization of people with disabilities and a lack of sensitization and awareness within the general public. 

Given the lack of awareness and direct experience with disability, Kreative Kushal production has released a short film on the life story of a Wheelchair Warrior who has not broken his willpower to soar high in spite of having a rare brittle bone disease. This film titled, “INCREDIBLE INSIGHT: The Story of His Ability” directed by Dr. Kushal Dasgupta is about the life of a 90% differently-abled person, who discovered himself, determined with vision, achieved with passion, chiseled his legacy by making a difference in exemplifying mankind, mastered his will to prove that nothing is impossible. This film also talks about issues like inclusion, accessibility, disability rights, etc. 

This short film is not talking about DISABILITY but is showcasing HIS ABILITY

This film is featuring, Dr. Sai Kaustuv Dasgupta, who is suffering a rare Brittle Bone Disease (Osteogenesis Imperfecta) and has gone through more than 50 fractures to date. He has a severe hearing impairment and is confined to an electric wheelchair. He does international Graphic Designing and Virtual Typing with just one finger of his left hand. He has been honored as 4th Global Icon with disabled leadership traits acknowledged by people around the world. The winner of several national & international awards, Dr. Sai has inspired millions worldwide through his motivational talks and his powerful smile.

Dr. Kushal, the young filmmaker from Andhra Pradesh who is a Guinness World Record Holder says, “This film has been submitted to various international film festivals to spread the awareness of this rare disease and how a 90% disabled body has reached to many across the globe with his power of positivity, willpower and can-do attitude. I am so thrilled to handle most of the departments handled alone by myself. Many disability-based films are coming out but based on a real-life story and shooting it with a real person is very challenging. I took that as a lifetime experience to understand the plight of their regular day to day crisis and how they are breaking all barriers to inspire able-bodied people around. I hope it reaches millions of souls who need a ray of hope during this pandemic era. You can watch it on Dr. Sai Kaustuv’s official Youtube Channel.” 

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