Hyderabad Man’s Been Helping Kids Cross the City’s Streets for 35 Years!


Christopher, affectionately nicknamed Laddu Bhai, says this is something he does for his enjoyment and out of a personal sense of duty.

If you are in Hyderabad, and happen to be in an area called Mir Chowk, then chances are you will be able to spot a 55-year-old man helping people cross the road. His name is Christopher and he has been helping children and those in need, cross the traffic-laden roads of Hyderabad for the last 35 years.

A report in Deccan Chronicle has chronicled Christopher’s rather extraordinary daily activities that begin at 8 am at Floret School, which is close to his home. He helps the students navigate through the traffic and helps them cross the road. Then at 4 pm he is back at the school to help his young friends get home safely. In fact, he is so popular that many of the children don’t even cross the road if their Laddu Bhai has not come!

While he has been appreciated by the traffic police and by commuters for his service, he refuses any monetary compensation for his work as it is something he simply does for his enjoyment and out of a personal sense of duty.

He says, “I earn around Rs 12,000 from my four rented shops, which is more than enough for my family’s monthly expenses. I feel happy when school kids offer me sweets and chocolates as a token of thanks but I don’t accept tips from anyone.”

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Image for representation. Photo source: Wikimedia

He is so popular and well-liked by the pedestrians and the traffic police alike that last year the Mir Chowk police station gave him a reward for his services and have also given him a whistle and a mask in order to ensure he can manage the traffic a bit better and make the roads a bit safer.

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So, if you ever run into him, thank him with some candy, that’s probably all that he will accept.

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