Hyderabad Company distributing free masks and sanitizers


Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus, a firm in Hyderabad is distributing free masks and sanitizers to the general public.

The rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus has led to an increase in the demand for necessity goods like sanitizers and masks. But the supply of these products is unable to match its growing demand. Even doctors and nurses are unable to get the necessary safety gear at this time of crisis.

To cure this problem, a company in Hyderabad had come forward to manufacture masks and sanitizers and give these necessary items to all the corona warriors free of cost.

Sunrise Diagnostic Laboratory has taken this novel job into its arms. Its coordinator Mr. AVS Jagannath Rao said to a news agency that at difficult times like these it was necessary for him and his company to step forward and take initiative to help in controlling the spread of the coronavirus.

Companies like this have reignited the flame of hope and brotherhood among the citizens of India. Indeed there are many out there who value human lives more than profits. And Sunrise Diagnostic Laboratory is one of the few.

Mukesh Pathak
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