Humanity at Rs. 1; woman selling Idli


Amidst the global pandemic COVID-19 the graphs of economy seem to go down. Many citizens of different countries lost their jobs. Whereas, others are struggling to make the ends meet with salary cuts. Cash involved businesses are at the worst decline for the years. At the edge of time, poverty and unemployment is visible to everyone. In the era, where humans are becoming hounds to hoard money, an old lady has kept Humanity alive in unfavorable times. The woman proved that Humanity is priceless or at least affordable , perhaps at the cost of mere Rupee 1.

Kamalathaal at the age of 80 is selling Idli at 1 rupee for the labourers in Coimbatore. Because of this she is popular with the name of “Idli Paati”. She’s selling it for such a cheap price since last three decades. Her selfless work is what makes her what she is. However, the times of lockdown was not projected by anyone. During these times the challenge for Kamalathaal is to manage the same costs by paying more amount to the shopkeepers. As the cost of the main ingredients like Urad dal , Red Chillies and Bengal Gram raised .It indeed looks a herculean task for someone at this age. More to the Idli Patti’s glory she is not making profits for her own.

“The price of essentials has gone up by Rs 40-Rs 50 since the beginning of the lockdown. The hike in the price means loss for me since I do not concentrate on more profit.” said Kamalathaal.

woman selling idli for just one rupee

Help to helping hands

Considering the financial scenario she has now reduced the daily Idli production by 200 pieces. She made 400 piece everyday for this month. However, she is getting funds from local philanthropists, many financially sound citizens as well as political parties. Majority of the customers are migrant labourers. DMK Chief, MK Stalin phoned Kamalathal to enquire whether she had received the ration kit or not via DMK cadres. The ruling party is providing her the essential ingredients for keeping her productivity at maximum.

As for the appreciation the media agencies are covering her work. As well as her pictures was there on Mother’s Day by some people. Among the popular comments, Indian Michelin star Chef, Vikas Khanna tweeted her pictures and asked her contact. He also offered her 350 Kg rice in his tweet. He was so touched by her unconditional love.

His tweet says “Can someone-anyone connect me to K Kamalathal, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu? I have 350 Kgs Rice secured near Chennai. Someone can help me coordinate. And tell her – Happy Mothers Day and I LOVE HER (sic).”

The octogenarian gives us a lesson not to be dependent on government alone. Citizens can also make the change. All you need the recipe of Humanity