How this classmate created an organic kidswear brand by selling it to FirstCry, Nestery and Myntra


In 2016, Vandana Kalagara founded Keebee Organics in Hyderabad, and was later supported by her classmate Smruti Rao. Together, they run sustainable children’s clothing brands directly for online shoppers.

Taking advantage of India’s burgeoning children’s clothing market, classmates became entrepreneurs like Vandana Kalagara and Smruti Rao. Manufacturing company Keebee Organics makes eco-friendly baby clothes and sells them directly to consumers through its own website and online channels such as Myntra, FirstCry, Nestery and More

“We launched our first products in 2016 and 2017. When we sell children’s clothing online, our annual sales reach 36 GEL. We plan to reach 75 Rh this year. “

When inspiration comes to mind

After graduating from NIFT, Vandana first worked in the design industry for several years and earned her Master’s degree in Fashion Design from FIDM, USA. After the birth of her daughter, she took a break from work.

Vandana said, “I have always enjoyed designing clothes for children. During the holidays I work as a freelancer. When my daughter started kindergarten, I asked her what she would like to become when she grows up. Her answer surprised me. She’s at home. she and her grandmother. “

Her daughter’s reaction inspired Bandana to return to the field. She researched and found that she has no choice when it comes to organic baby clothes. This led to the creation of Keebee in 2016.

Smruti, who loved the brand of his former classmates, joined the company in 2018 as a co-founder. They got a business loan of 15 rupees and invested their money in the brand.

Stock Production

Keebee, headquartered in Hyderabad, manufactures products from certified Global Standard Textiles (GOTS) in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu.

Some of the brand’s woven designs are produced on GOTS certified devices and require certification.

However, Smruti, who oversees production, said the company recently opened its own manufacturing unit in Hyderabad, which has yet to receive GOTS certification. “But we are using GOTS certified fabrics and we are still working on the manufacturing process. We are also working to ensure that our unit is GOTS certified,” he added.

Keebee produces casual, ethnic, underwear and a variety of other children’s clothing for boys and girls under 10. The Keebee range can start from Rs 350 to Rs 4,000. Keebee’s early days were not easy. As an entrepreneur, Vandana faced many challenges for the first time when sourcing certified organic cotton suppliers and GOTS producers.

He said: “Since they prefer to export products, not many GOTS manufacturers place orders domestically.”

Vandana decided to look for suppliers and manufacturers of the company. He sent hundreds of emails to offices across the country, hoping to be contacted, but rarely responded.

 “Finally, I found Cotton Eco Fashion, a garment factory in Gujarat. The people there helped us a lot and started producing for us. We still work with them because they understand our business,” he said.