Her dreams were higher than the mountains she wanted to climb

Her dreams were higher than the mountains she wanted to climb

“If we look closely, we will notice the energy of inspiration is all around.”

The above quotes symbolize and denote the more energetic and fascinating girl around us miss GYAN NANDINI the true inspiration of our country.


She belongs to a poor family from the small village Chandrosi (U.P).she has two brothers and sister. She is the youngest one. She is the child of very MR. Nand Kishore work as a teacher in private school and mother Mrs. Savateri Devi who is a housewife.she had done the schooling and college from Chandrosi.

Positive actioncombined with positive thinking:

Same happens withNandani she thought about her career of becoming a climber andstarted in 2013 but before she gets indulged into it she was anevent organizer And sport adventurous programmer. We all believe inthe destination and fortune similarly happen with her she was not interested in the Nehru Yuva Kendra job here She was paid 2500 rs per month you are her father forced to do this job.

Her dreams were higher than the mountains she wanted to climb

Her father filled all documentary form. From this turning point comes In her life her life becomes so interesting she cracked the interview among 86participants. In this work is to motivate the youth for a better future. We organized many camps in different places.

And we know that”when we do something form the bottom of our heart surely one day it will see in your work “exactly same happen with her. the NYC(Nehru Yuva Kendra) recommended her to attend the camp at Makarondganj. In the camp she was only the girl among 16 boys . she was always influenced by them by saying “that you can do it” after you are the job matured volunteer of NYC.


“Rule is made to break” this was the ideology of Nandani from childhood she loves to in the shake. She loves challenges.so at camp one senior volunteer Ravinder Thakur generally said to her that ‘Nandani doesn’t try also to climb or become an instructor ‘ then she was like “why I can’t?” Then she took it as a challenge and yes she Loves challenges.

one day someone was talking about “Tenzing Norway” and “Edmund Hillary” (the first to climb Mount Everest) and suddenly Did she think that why not me? .I’ll also climb the Mount Everest.

“Respect Mountain, Mountain will definitely respect you and will help you to reach your destination”


Till now she climbed
the peak of mount Airbrush in Europe and the peak of largest mount
Kilimanjaro in Africa. she climbed the peak of mountain sometime
seven times sometimes

30 times. she made the Indian Record for firefox submit. But still, she has a fire in her heart and hopes to climb the Mount Everest one day. During this she faced many problems then she success come to his feet. she received lots of awards but she wants the National award from the prime minister for her achievement.

Problems are not
small human being is small to handle:

The above quotes are true problems are small I think we have an example between us that is Nandani who faced many problems during her mountaineering career she was needed financial support, not of one or two lakh but about 20-25 lakh and her father was not able to afford so no one supported her but finally her father supported her .

But by the peer the pressure of society, he also once said me to leave your dreams and get married. She doesn’t lose confidence and faith on herself she asked her parents to give me one year and everybody supported her with collecting funds and went to Manali with her colleagues and climbed the stock kangari which was about 6663 km. By seeing this her father allowed her to

Pursue her own dream
and happiness.

“To win something, don’t has to lose something but instead of them we have to earn something to pay the loss”


she thanks the society a mother and father who supported her in every walk of life. But one side she regrets that she was not helped financially by the government where the Girls act was launched every day “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao“, it is just to say but not applied.

Precious words:

“Work hard no
matter you are a girl or a boy, the success will definitely bow the
head in front of you”. Young girls just chase your dreams, break
the rules and become the

The peak of the

I request an appeal as a writer that please just don’t say and think but do something and support the girls like Gyan Nandini.

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She is worth far more than rubies.

She is worth far more than rubies.

On mission to bridge the gap between industry and academics

On mission to bridge the gap between industry and academics