Guwahati Couple Made Their Wedding Special for Specially-Abled Kids


Understanding the social obligation that comes along with weddings, the couple’s wedding invite requested guests to donate or buy stationery for specially-abled children.

It is a dream of any parent to make their child’s wedding as unique and memorable as possible.

In India, the idea of an extravagant marriage is inescapably interspersed with one’s social status and pride and often leads the parents to go overboard in making the ceremony an unforgettable affair for the newlyweds and the society of course.

However, age-old customs and norms are taking a backseat with an emerging tide of youngsters choosing to solemnise their wedding in consciously different ways.

Ved and Paloma Dutta (standing). Source: Facebook.

From green weddings that have no trace of materials which are hazardous to the environment to unassuming ones where families have taken the compassionate step of donating the funds saved for the wedding for better causes, more people are coming forward and using their special day as a pedestal to spread a message or pursue a noble act.

Paloma Dutta and Ved, a couple from Guwahati who got hitched a fortnight back, followed this example as well. They requested guests and relatives to refrain from bringing them anything other than blessings.

Understanding the social obligation that comes along with weddings, the wedding invite requested guests to donate or buy stationery for specially-abled children of Shishu Sarothi, a non-profit organisation based in Guwahati.

The wedding invite. Source: Facebook.

“We had slipped in a little note with the wedding invite requesting people not to get gifts for us at the reception—we are in our mid-thirties and have been financially independent for a while, so the social gesture of setting up the newlyweds did not apply to us, we thought,” Paloma had said in a Facebook post.

And playing sport to the duo’s request were the guests, of which almost everyone contributed to the cause generously.

From purchasing essential items like pencils, crayons, drawing books, water bottles, tiffin boxes to specialised learning tools as specified in the invite, the folks at Paloma and Ved’s wedding made sure that the request made by the couple was honoured.

The gifts received by the couple. Source: Facebook.

“We are extremely humbled by the invitees’ response to our request and thankful for their generosity. Over 80 per cent of the gifts that we received were for the children of Shishu Sarothi. We also received cash contributions of about ₹85,000 towards the organisation,” she added.

It is indeed awe-inspiring and motivating to see more people taking the unconventional route to celebrate their day of love and making the world a little better place with their selfless initiatives.

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