From 0 to being the best poetry of the year

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Slow and steady wins the race.

A quote that we are all familiar with was used by Meenu Pant, an artist from Indore who recently gained fame through YouTube when the video of her poetry performance at ‘Dastaan, an event showcasing platform from Indore’ got over 200k views.

I was too dumb to even write a quote. The initial reason that I got interested in poetry was my brother who always had an interest in literature.’ says Meenu about hoe she began her journey.

She started writing poetry out of this newly found interest, but due to some personal reasons had to abandon her love towards writing for a few years.

Later on, she moved from her hometown Ujjain to Indore, where she met with a magical series of fortunate events which led her to meeting a lot of talented people. And as it is said that ‘a good company is more contagious than anything else’, she started feeling the urge of writing and pursuing her dreams again and so she started following her heart.

‘My idea is – “my best friend” and I failed to describe it merely in words until one day when I discovered an event showcasing platform named ‘Dastaan’ where I was helped by a friend of mine to conquer my nervousness and I eventually dared to perform in front of a huge audience.’
Says Meenu, who is currently pursuing a degree in MBBS from Indore.

She thanks team Dastaan for providing her with an amazing platform and helping her to achieve the fame that she had got.

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Nikhil Patidar
A budding writer and a mass media and communication student from Indore who writes articles, poetries and short stories portraying topics varying from social issues to untold love and strongly believes in the power of dreams