People come forward to feed starving stray animals amid Lockdown

The Corona Virus pandemic has made going out dangerous, and as the country went into lockdown, the stray animals are now in a worrisome state.

The two sources of food for stray animals is people feeding them out of love and leftovers from restaurants and other places. Now those restaurants are closed, and people can’t go out, it’s difficult for these animals to fill their stomach.

Humanity is at test in this bitter time, and some people are clearing it with a huge heart. An NPO ‘Speak for Animals’ has fed nearly 500 stray animals, including dogs and cows. The founder of the NPO Kushal Biswas has been working with an efficient team for the past six years. The NPO is based out of Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Not all heroes wear capes, some carry food bags for stray animals!

A lot of us are animal lovers on social media, some – just on social media. The time has come to become one, be human.
Some solo Heroes –

Miss Prabha from Gujarat

Feeding a very starved female dog, Gujarat. Source – directly from the person

Mr Manas from Bhopal

feeds several dogs regularly. Source – directly from the person

Miss Darshana from Gujarat

Feeds biscuits to several dogs. Source – Directly from the person

And a lot others being the person our world needs. We salute you!

Tanishka Patidar
"Serving humanity & scratching words to feed the soul" Tanishka is the Co-Founder of Indian Achievers Story. This lover of pen and poetry is also a social worker.