Farmer Grow 16 varieties of mushrooms every month, reap profit of Rs. 5 lakhs

Mushroom King

Motaram Sharma, a farmer who cultivates mushrooms in Sikar, Rajasthan, today became famous as ‘Mushroom King’.

India is an agricultural country. Agriculture and its allied activities act as main source of livelihood for more than 80% population of rural India. It provides employment to approximately 52% of labor. Its contribution to Gross Domestic product (GDP) is between 14 to 15%.

When it comes to the benefit in less money, our country is far ahead.The farmer of our country is considered to be the Anndata who gives us food.The farmers here are not only hardworking but they are also intelligent along with them.Motaram Sharma of Rajasthan has proved this again.Farmers are advised to cultivate mushrooms if it is to do the least cost farming.For mushroom cultivation, farmers neither need much space nor does it cost much it decrease their land cost. Many farmers cultivate mushrooms side by side with the cultivation of common crops so as to earn an additional income. But today we are introducing you to a farmer who is creating millions of profit every month only by mushroom cultivation and he has also been awarded with the honor like Mushroom King.

Motaram Sharma native of Sikar, Rajashthan, a 63-year-old farmer who has been cultivating mushrooms for more than 25 years, has become the Mushroom King of Rajasthan today and is an inspiration to farmers across the country.

 “I first started growing oyster mushrooms and then gradually tried other varieties of mushrooms as well. There are thousands of varieties of mushrooms worldwide, but only 25-30 are being grown in India.”Motaram Sharma said to Indian Achievers Story.

Motaram Sharma cultivate 16 varieties of mushrooms in his mushroom farm, including varieties such as Oyster, Button, Pink Mushroom, Sajar Cashew, Kabul Anzai, Black Year, Djemore, Citro Mushroom, Sheetake along with famous varieties like Ganoderma and Cardiceps Military Mushroom Are included. The benefit is that there is a great demand in the market for their grown mushrooms. He delivers most of his produce directly to the market, then by putting through a prescribed procedure the remaining produce; he is also making food products like powder, pickle.

His father shift to Assam in search of work and after some time, at the age of 13, Motaram also turned to his father. His father used to cook food at a place in Assam and Motaram served food to the customers. He said that he and his father worked in Assam for many years. Meanwhile, Motaram had ulcer problems.Mushroom King Motaram told that his childhood went through a lot ofhardship. His father owned five bighas of land and it was difficult to feed the family so to support his father Motaram started working at his teenage.

He says, “There was no means to go to the doctor for treatment. So Dad approached a tribal Vaidya. He gave me a medicine made of mushrooms, and then I heard the name of mushroom for the first time. On asking a little more, it was found that mushroom has many medicinal properties and it is very easy to grow. At the same time I decided that if I ever got the chance, I would work on the mushroom. However, the road to life was not easy “

Mushroom change his fate:-

After 1985, he returned to Rajasthan and decided to take over his fields. But,he wanted to dosomething that would give him good income on less land. For this, he planted earthworm manure units on his land and also started dairy work. After cultivating mushroom for many years, he heard about mushroom training conducting in Solan, they immediately decided to do this training to enhance in knowledge. He told, “I trained to grow mushrooms from Solan and after that, I also trained in Jaipur. At that time, I got training for Oyster Mushroom and I started my work from this.”

He further states that he started growing mushroom in a small room and used to sell it from house to house. “There was not much awareness in this area about mushrooms. Many people thought it was ‘non-veg’. So I marketed it from house to house in the village. Gradually, people started joining, because mushroom has many benefits and it can only know that it is included in its food on a regular basis. Mushrooms contain elements like protein, fiber, vitamin B. Mushroom have several benefit Eating it improves the health of people suffering from diseases like heart disease, diabetes and cancer. ”

Succeedingthe success at Oyster, he also began to grow button mushrooms. Also, 10–11 rooms were built on his one and a half bigha land, in which he set up mushrooms. He says, “I also sold Button Mushroom in Jaipur and Delhi mandi and got very good response everywhere. Every one or two years I try to grow a new variety of mushrooms and while doing so, I am now growing 16 varieties of mushrooms. It is not that I grow all 16 varieties of mushrooms together. I cultivate all these varieties according to the season.I grow all these varieties according to the season. The effort is to grow mushrooms naturally. “

Some varieties of mushrooms do not need lot of money and it is quite affordable for farmers. But, for certain varieties you need good setup and it costs more than one lakh rupees to prepare it. For example, to grow ganoderma and cardiceps military mushrooms requires a lot of care and a good setup. In 2010, he grew ganoderma mushrooms for the first time. He says, “I am the first farmer in India to grow this variety.”Only then did I get the honor of the Mushroom King. The specialty of ganoderma mushroom is that it has a significant amount of nutritional and medicinal properties. It can be processed and used in many types of medicines. It also enhances the body’s immunity. It is very much in demand in the market. “

Ton of farmers are doing mushroom work by taking training from them. 24-year-old Surendra Singh, who took training from Mushroom King Motaram in the year 2020, says, “I took training from him in September last year. Its fee was 5000 rupees. During tutelage, I stayed at his farm there. It seemed like the best that he does not just tell from top to top, but shows in front how the bag will be prepared? How to spawn? After learning from them, I planted oyster mushrooms in a 30 × 40 feet room at home.

Motaram Sharma is an inspiration to all farmers in the country. It is expected that many farmers will take inspiration from them. If you want to contact Motaram Sharma. You can call him on 9660215013.