Environment off the mask; is COVID-19 a blessing for nature?

environment mask

The global outbreak of COVID-19 has got 212 countries and territories into the most perilous medical and economical crisis. From extrapolation of the experts, this will be an intense setback globally. As 3,309,002 confirmed cases are there till date across the globe. The toll has reported 234,142 deaths worldwide. USA became the most severely effected nation from this pandemic. It clearly seems that world unanimously calls out for a magical vaccine.Whereas quarantine is the only protective measure it has. Unequivocally, these are depressing times. But,there is still a picture which seems rather soothing.

As people quarantined, nature is in a healing state . Numerous studies speak the wonders of enhancement in serenity of environment by every passing day during quarantine. The better quality of air led 11,000 fewer deaths in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. Also, 6,000 fewer children developed asthmatic disorders says the CREA. As well as, NO2 level fell down by 40% as compared to same time,last year. Dangerous PM 2.5 (participating matter) in the atmosphere declined by 10% which has made the air more breathable. PM 2.5 is less than 2.5 micrometers in its diameters. It can easily pass into bloodstreams to put life at high risk.

“You could compare it to everyone in Europe stopping smoking for a month,”said Lauri Myllyvirta. The lead analyst at Helsinki-based Centre in her study. If COVID-19 stays for long, which the WHO reports says that it will,

From the expert’s pen

According to EU environment agency, contaminated air causes more than 400,000 premature deaths per year as per the records. Also, taking account of 21 European countries, we see that level of PM 2.5 generated by transport and industry, fell sharply to 12%. Researchers keenly expected more positive figures from rest of the world. As this study only explored some part of the Europe.

More to the environment, the results can be seen in the most populated nations on the globe. China, followed by India. The study of Stanford University conclude that more than 77,000 lives are saved during quarantine. As many toxic elements of air have declined at a good pace. However, The Delhi government came up with the study that shows 71% downfall is noticed in concentration of PM 2.5 in air. As well as the holy rivers of India. Ganga and Yamuna look clearer than they were ever before. It is due to the less industrial interference. On the other hand, India witnesses most number of deaths by respiratory illness and TB. This lockdown may become a little fatal for the ones with pre existing illness.

Mr Lavakare in his comments said. “This is not the most ideal way to bring down air pollution, but it proves that air pollution is manmade”

Yes, there is always a better side you can be, if you know where to look. Even a deadly and contagious disease such as COVID-19 has a better side!