Ek kalakaar ki Dastaan: Yash Shukla’s journey from fear to success.

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There always comes a moment in our lives when we wonder the reason of our existence, and in that moment we discover ourselves truly.

Yash Shukla, a twenty year old artist from Indore, has a similar story behind how he discovered his own talents.

After a recent video of a poetic performance by Yash at a talent showcasing platform named ‘Dastaan‘ , got viral in Indore and got about 1.5k views on YouTube, the question that how did he begin to perform was in everyone’s minds.

To feed the increasing curiosity in the public, Yash was recently interviewed during which he shared his story and described the reason for the beginning of his journey as an artist.

He says that ”his only goal in life is ‘to be a better person each day’ and he believes that if he is even slightly better than yesterday, then he is living his goal.”

Despite this simplicity, a corner in him always wondered what it would be like to be famous and recognised by people.

‘I remember scribbling two liners in my notebooks and making funny versions of songs with friends in my junior years, without realising that it was my hidden talent’, says Yash

As he grew up, there came a tough phase in his life, when he found it difficult to express himself and share his story with other people and he found peace in writing. But this is not how he became a performer.

When asked how he became a performer, he replied that ‘One day, out of curiosity, I tried to Google and YouTube my name, and was really dissatisfied to not find it anywhere. The thought started haunting me that if I were to die the next day, there would be no one who would remember me.

It was this thought which inspired me to perform, and I started performing whenever I got the opportunity, and today I could proudly say that I am no more haunted by that thought, because now people know me by my art.’

The story of Yash inspires us to try and find the meaning of our existence and to always strive to be better than ourselves.

This artist was provided the required platform by team Dastaan (https://youtu.be/BUL4KL24dVw), which is always looking for talented people.

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