Dr. Sheshang D. Degadwala Honoured With Teaching Excellence Awards 2018

Dr Sheshang D. Degadwala Honoured With Teaching Excellence Awards 2018

An award is something given to a person in recognition of his excellence in a certain field. Teaching Excellence Awards 2018 (TEA – 2018) was an effort of MT Research and Educational Services (MTRES) in association with Buzzingg and Indian Achievers Story to recognition the best teachers (Nation Builders) for their special contribution in the respective domain. Meet one of the awardees, Dr Sheshang D. Degadwala, who has been honoured with TEA-2018 as Promising Teacher.

Dr Sheshang D. Degadwala was honoured with MTRES Teaching Excellence Award 2018
In this fast-paced world of advanced technological development in the field of Computer Science Engineering and with the rapid growth of software applications used in various mechanizations, it has led to a decrease of manpower. Innumerable researches are being carried out in current times owing to the fact that technology has taken over manpower and the less manpower is used, the more work becomes efficient. One such young person who has been building his career in this domain is Dr Sheshang Degadwala.
Dr Sheshang D. Degadwala is presently working as the Head of Computer Engineering Department, Sigma Institute of Engineering, Vadodara. He obtained B.E. from the BITs, Vadodara. Subsequently, he has completed M.Tech. from Charusat University, Changa and PhD from Madhav University, Rajasthan, in the year 2018. He has published numerous research papers in reputed international journals and conferences including IEEE and Springer. His main research work focuses on Image Processing, Information Security and Data Mining.

Best Scholar Award 2017
Excellence in Research Award 2017

A good number of awards have been registered under his name viz. Best Scholar Award 2017, Best Youngest Researcher Alumni Award 2017, Award for Best Paper in International Conference on Global Trends in Signal Processing, Information Computing and Communication (ICGTSPICC), IEEE, 2016, Best Scholar Award from Madhav University, 2017, Excellence in Research Award 2017, BITs Edu Campus, Vadodara and Best Researcher Award 2018 from IJRULA, Tamilnadu. Well, the accomplishments of this young scholar seem to have just begun because a lot more is to come by.
The summary of his research work which he has been presently carrying is titled Privacy Preserving System Using Pseudo Zernike Moment with SURF & Affine Transformation on Dual RST Attacks. A total of 62 research papers have been published under his name. A total of 15 workshops have been attended by Dr Sheshang Degadwala. He has been serving for 6 long years and has also been awarded the Best Teacher Award in the Institute. He has also delivered lectures on Advance Excel in Dahej and Vadodara in the years 2016 and 2017. Two seminars on Android and CCNA have also been organized by him. His contributions to the field of Data Analytics, Computer Engineering and Data Processing shall give rise to various new devices being constructed in the future. We congratulate Dr Sheshang Degadwala for his contributions to this field and we look forward to more exceptional researches which can be used to redefine the world as it is today.

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