Don’t look out for examples, be one: Renu Paswan

Don't look out for examples, be one: Renu Paswan

management professional who is an author, life coach and motivational
speaker, Renu Paswan is a woman who defines poise and impulse at

years old women from Muzaffarpur has gone through many hardships in
her life which made her strong and dedicated. Renu is one among three
children to her parents. Her two brothers are differentially abled,
and she is the responsibility bearer of her family.

“Forget the mistake, remember the lesson.”

is a life coach where she helps depressed and under-motivated people
know their worth and ignites the spark of confidence in them. To make
this coaching available to all, she has written a book named ‘Live to
Inspire’ where she has shared her chilling life experiences and have
suggested the ways where one can overcome such hardships. This book
of her’s is in stores and bookshelves since July 2018.

“Don’t look out for examples, be one” – Renu Paswan

brothers’ sensitive condition made her take up the responsibilities
and duties from an early age. Moreover, taunts based on her caste
never ceased.

is a single woman who wishes to adopt a child soon. Her bucket list
consists of a trek to Mount Everest along with empowering rural
women. She wants to glorify the struggle and eventual success of
rural area women. She is also helping the youth to be more productive
and progressive through her blogs, speeches and book.

“Light tomorrow with today” – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

says “many people have potential but they choose to go with the
flow, but to bring out the best of ourselves we must part our ways
and move towards positivity life has to offer.”

“You get what you deserve, you chase what you desire” – Tanishka Patidar

favourite quote is “when you start doing one thing right,
everything falls into place.”

When many people see the dark sides of life as hurdles and kneel before them, Renu chose to fight them back and rise as an achiever, our Indian Achiever.

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