Discovering potential and challenging her limits; Sunita – businesswomen from Goa

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In our society where patriarchy is deep-rooted and goes thousands of years back, to rise, sustain and grow in a male-dominated market environment is an act of bravery and example.
Sunita Mungarwadi, a businesswoman from Curchorem (Goa), stepped into her family business after her husband’s death. Her father-in-law had started the Rice Wholesale Business in the year 1978 in one of the prime locations for such warehouses. A look at the market tells how each shop is handled and led by only males.

Sunita’s husband and father-in-law used to handle the business until her husband died in 2015. Being educated enough to learn the basics of the paperwork she started helping her father-in-law by handling the business’ accounts.

Life was set to test her more viciously, Sunita’s father-in-law died a year later, leaving her the only responsible person for the family and the business.

“ God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.” – Voltaire.

Sunita says, “It was unsafe to ask for help from outsiders in matters relating to business. The guidance was much needed but trusting strangers seemed risky. I thought I’ll move ahead with whatever knowledge I have and will learn during the journey.”

Her husband and father-in-law were her support system and always believed in her potential. She calls them her source of motivation. Sunita is planning and working to grow and expand her business. The venture is a tough competition for similar sellers, especially due to customer’s feedback.

For fellow and upcoming business persons, Sunita’s message is “Be authentic and honest in the dealings. Also, great customer service is the key to great and consistent business.”

Fighting with her own limits and discovering her potential in the time of crises makes Sunita an achiever, our Indian Achiever.

Curated by – Prachi Kittur

Tanishka Patidar
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