Dhar man Converted bike into an ambulance with an oxygen cylinder, help for free

Bike Ambulance
Photo Credit: The Better India

Aziz Khan, an engineer from Dhar in Madhya Pradesh, has built an affordable bike-driven ambulance, in which a patient can comfortably lie down and reach a hospital. It also features basic medicines, oxygen cylinders with IV drips.

“One day I saw on social media that an elderly man was going to the crematorium with his wife’s body on a bicycle, because they could not get any ambulance or other help.” This news made me very upset and I thought what can I do from my side and then thought of making a bike ambulance! ” – Aziz Khan

Hailing from Dhar district in Madhya Pradesh, 46-year-old Aziz Khan is a mechanical engineer and has also worked as a teacher in a polytechnic college. Presently, he has his own factory, where he makes agricultural implements for the farmers.

Aziz Khan said, “I wanted to use my knowledge and information to help people.” Therefore, he quit his teacher’s job and started the factory so that he could make tools for the farmers. I work on a variety of agricultural devices, but during the Corona epidemic, I thought of using my skills for the general public and patients battling Covid-19. “

Bike Ambulance made using old things:

Aziz Khan says that he first gathered some information about the ambulance. Like he saw what is the basic thing in an ambulance and after that, he found out how to make a bike ambulance. He says, “First I designed a design of an ambulance. After this, understood the Motor Vehicle Act. Along with building an ambulance, it was also necessary to provide it for the help of the people. That is why I did not want that this Bike Ambulance could not help the people for any reason tomorrow. So I worked keeping all the laws in mind. “

He also used other bicycle parts such as old bicycle wheels, old beds used in hospitals, springups and shock ups to build this Bike Ambulance. He used all these things to create a structure that can be used on any bike. In this ambulance he built, one patient at a time can easily lie down and reach the hospital. It also has some basic medicines, IV drip and oxygen cylinders.

The oxygen cylinder in the bike ambulance works for three hours. He told that it has cost about 40 thousand rupees to prepare a Bike Ambulance. However, if these ambulances are built in large numbers, then this cost can be reduced. Aziz has so far built five ambulances, which can be used on the back of any bike and anyone can use it for free.

He said, “I have set up a large board outside my factory and have all the ambulances parked. Whoever needs it, he can take his bike and take an ambulance. All they have to do is show a doctor’s prescription. There is no fare to use an ambulance. However, if one can refill the oxygen cylinder after use,

so it is good. But even if a family cannot get oxygen filled, there is no problem. Because there are many people who do not have enough money to pay the ambulance rent or oxygen. “

District administration praised:

Apart from Kovid-19 patients, these ambulances are also being used by others. 32-year-old Satish Pal says, “A few days ago, my mother slipped into the house and suffered a significant injury to her leg. I tried hard but could not find the ambulance. I too have only a bike and my mother was not in such a condition that she would be taken on a bike. So I contacted Aziz ji. “

Satish has used the Bike Ambulance twice and he said, “The first time I took an ambulance from him, I was a little hesitant about how it would be used, but it turned out to be very rewarding. Aziz ji has done a very good job, because his bike Ambulance is very effective in difficult times. ”

This invention of Zeez is getting appreciation not only from common citizens but also from district level officials. He explains, “When I built the first ambulance, someone from a nearby village took it to take a patient to the hospital. At that time, on the way, someone made a video of it and slowly people started writing about it on social media. Many people Called me and asked for help. Apart from ordinary citizens, our District Collector IAS Alok Kumar also called and inquired about this.”

He not only praised his work, but also ordered Aziz to make Bike Ambulance for the district. He said, “Such facilities are needed especially for rural areas. There are many villages in Dhar district, for which this Bike Ambulance can prove more effective. With a four-wheeled ambulance, you can bring two-three patients together, but commuting is much easier than a bike ambulance.”

Aziz has started work on the order given by the administration. He said that he was having trouble getting some items due to the lockdown, but soon he would make and hand over all the ambulances to the district administration. Also, they are trying to make the ambulance a little more advanced.

He says, “The district administration is busy in helping more and more people. When our officers are working day and night, we also have a duty to do something for the people. What I did is not a big job, because anyone can do it. So I just want to tell people that as much as possible, try to help people in this difficult time.”

If you want more information about this Bike Ambulance, you can contact Aziz Khan at [email protected].