Covid-19 attacks CISF Jawans

Coronavirus news

Amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, 11 CISF (Central Industrial Security Force) have been tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

The CISF jawans were on duty when they came into contact with the dangerous and deathly virus at the Mumbai International Airport, the official said. “Five of the CISF personnel had tested positive earlier while six more tested positive on Friday”.

This shocking news has caused uproar and a wave of panic among the CISF jawans and among the citizens of the place. The infected personnel was found at Panvel near Mumbai. Panvel which comes under Navi Mumbai has a total of 14 coronavirus cases at present. The affected CISF personnel was deployed at Kharghar in Navi Mumbai. They are currently hospitalized after the incident.

146 CISF personnel including officers were tested. After five personnel tested positive, samples of others were collected. This was done so that the victims of corona could be treated and quarantined.

11 CISF personnel were found to have contracted the virus. It included 10 jawans and one civilian staff.

Coronavirus is a contagious disease. This virus spreads through the droplets of coughing and sneezing. It is a battle of life and death and we have to win it. We should join forces in the time of crisis. God willing the whole world would come out soon of this pandemic.

However, India is making all the necessary efforts to bring the fast-spreading disease under control. But the speed with which COVID-19 is spreading across the globe seems unstoppable. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged his countrymen to avoid social gatherings as part of precautionary measures to contain coronavirus outbreak.t Today the whole country should come together and support the prime minister’s initiative to come to the balconies and light lamps, flashlight torches etc to support the go corona campaign and to light our hearts and nations against the darkness of corona.

Mukesh Pathak
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